4 Online Casino Games That are Beginner Friendly

By Casinogurus

4 Online Casino Games That are Beginner Friendly

July 9, 2020 | 1662 Views

The passion for land-based casinos has not died down entirely since we still see some of the die hard and casual casino fans visiting online casinos. On the Casino websites, you will find people that are looking to make some more money. So, there will always be people from different cultural backgrounds, and they are all experiencing their fun time at the casinos.

Along with most casino games now being available in an online format, you’ll be pleased to know that almost everything on this list can be found at some of the best casino websites. If you are having a problem as to which casino you’d like to play at, check out the CasinoGurus Comparison Page, which will help you pick the best online casinos to play.

Nowadays, people that are interested in enjoying the casino entertainment but are not in the practice of going out will have the online casinos to help them out. The reputation of the online casinos has continued to rise in the recent past, and this has been supported by new casino features like live dealers, accessible games, and the inclusion of the type of conditions available at the brick and mortar casinos into the online casino websites. That explains the online casino has taken focus in the past few years.

In case you are new to the casinos, you will have a lot to learn, and they include how to spend your money, how to handle your chances, and how to turn around your bad luck to favor you. For the new players who would want to take things simple till they have mastered the performance, some games are best for you.

Slot Machine

One of the most popular and most common casino games, you will see Online Slot Games at any Online casinos on the internet. They are very user and beginner-friendly. Online Slots involve a simple play system that allows you to push a button and wait for the outcome. Though very simple, this still presents an extensive form of entertainment and excitement, as the result is never predictable. All of this is entirely based on luck, and this can even land you a huge jackpot.

There exist numerous variants of slot games out there, and they come with varying themes, bonuses, and graphics. Both the Professionals as well as the Newcomers like to enjoy slots for its simplicity.


Roulette is the next game that is extremely loved by newcomers and experts alike. Here, the fun, simplicity, and thrills of the game fascinate it to players, and the ball determines your winning. The simple gameplay involves foretelling the number that the ball will land on after spinning and hope that it comes through. Since the digital age, all Roulette games have a digital touch to it.

Because of the fun and easy to play quality of this game, it must be on your list. The precise analysis will also reveal to you that roulette games come with a low house advantage, for instance, your chances of winning any bet you made on all red numbers are half that is 50%. This applies to the black numbers too. However, when you prefer a single number, your possibilities of winning are widely reduced, but if luck sparkles on you and you win here, you will be walking home with a higher payout.

Let It Ride

Those players that know the poker game well should spend some hours at the Let it Ride game. Here is a poker variant that looks and feels similar to poker. This also has a live dealer variant that players can enjoy. As you get to the game, you will be given the possible odds, and with this, you can decipher your odds of finishing up as a winner.

It is one of the card games that are loved by both new and old players, and this is also down to its integrity and entertainment. This has a straightforward set of rules, and once you understand them, you will be able to experience the game as much as the experts.


Speaking of the card games to try as a beginner, one cannot forget blackjack. The game also has a version you can enjoy like the physical version by playing against the croupier. Once you learn the simple gameplay, you can do ventures just like the professionals. But there is one piece of recommendation you must adhere to here, and that is the fact that you need to know about the functioning of the game accurately before you make the big pots.

By the functioning of the game, we are talking about the tactics and strategies that help players win. It is so simple and straightforward that you can learn the whole gameplay just by observing others play it, which is one of the reasons why many people enjoy the game. There are also some modifications in the blackjack rules applied by different online casinos, so you need to learn them before playing in any casino. 

If you fail to prepare well before jumping right into online casinos, it could be frustrating sometimes. That is why you need to analyze and find games with odds that favor you and determine the best way to play them.