5 Facts You Need to Know About Online Casinos

By Casinogurus

5 Facts You Need to Know About Online Casinos

April 2, 2021 | 1479 Views

Online casinos have transformed the way we gamble. People around the world are a click away from their favorite casino games.

All you need is a computer, smartphone, tablet, and internet connection to play your favorite casino game from anywhere in the world.

Before you jump into the world of online gambling, here are five facts you need to know about Online Casinos.

1. All Online Casinos do not offer quick and easy withdrawals

It is much easier to make your initial deposit in an online casino. You can deposit using your PayPal, credit card, or cryptocurrency information, and the funds get verified swiftly.

But, when the time comes to withdraw your money, the process is pretty tedious. Online casinos take careful measures to ensure that you are, in fact, yourself when it’s time to withdraw. When you have to make a withdrawal request from an online casino, it may take a few days for the request to be processed, and the delays can be frustrating.

Tip: Always read the withdrawal policies and casino terms and conditions before making your First Deposit. We suggest doing thorough research and reading casino reviews of the casino you plan to deposit money in.

2. Online Casinos Aren’t Legal in Every Country

Before you hurry to register and make your deposit with an online casino, you should always check your country’s and state’s laws regarding online casinos and online gambling.

If you want to save time, you can read our online casino reviews, which will guide you if the casino of your choice is allowed or restricted in your country.

If you are from the US, Do check out our Top USA casinos and Top Bitcoin casinos.

Tip: Always check if the casino is allowed in your state or not.

Also, check if there are any specific withdrawal and deposit restrictions specific to your state, which will not be displayed directly on the homepage of casinos.

3. Slots Often Have a Higher RTP at Online Casinos

Most of the online slot machines have a much higher payout percentage than slots in a land-based casino. Therefore playing slots in an online casino is much better than playing it in a brick-and-mortar setup.

Online casinos are cheaper to operate than land-based casinos. They don’t have any hotel towers, luxurious spas, roller coasters at online casinos. Because these expenses are reduced, online casinos can afford to pay more to the players. 

4. All Online Casinos are not rigged

Many casino gamblers remain suspicious of online casinos. Somewhere, they’ve gotten it into their minds that online casino games are rigged, and their only purpose is to take away player’s money.

However, this is not true. The odds of winning at an online casino are in fact higher compared to land-based casinos as Online Casinos have provably fair games. The casino and their games are inspected by legal bodies to check if they are provably fair, and only then are they issued the certificate of trust to conduct their online business.

Online Casino like Bitstarz has won several awards and trust certificates for being fair and giving out vast sums of money to their jackpot winners.

However, one should be careful about BlackListed Casinos. These are casinos that are rigged or spammy.

5. Wide variety of games

Online casinos offer a wide variety of games ranging from table games to slot games. Online casinos have the advantage of having virtually unlimited space for their games.

You’ll find thousands of casino games divided across several categories. If variety is your thing, you’ll immediately feel at home while playing at an online casino.

We hope that these five facts listed above have helped you clear myths related to online casinos and helped you get a deeper insight into the world of online gambling.