5 Gambling Strategies That Might Be Unethical and Why They’re Not Wrong to Use

By Casinogurus

5 Gambling Strategies That Might Be Unethical But Not Wrong to Use

December 29, 2021 | 1202 Views

Are you ready to do anything it takes to be a winning gambler? Before you answer this question, you need to know that if you cheat when you gamble, you’re going to jail in some areas. The good news is that a few strategies that the casinos don’t want you to use are perfectly legal, and these strategies can help you win.

1. Using Hole Card Data

If you’re playing blackjack and happen to see that the card the dealer places face down in front of her is a king, what should you do? If you feel bad about using information like this when you have it, compare it to what the casino does every day. Every game the casino offers is stacked against you, and the casino is making money directly from you. If the casino doesn’t invest the right amount of time and money into training the dealers not to give you extra information, the casino deserves to lose a little money. And even if you decide that it’s not right to use hole card information, never say anything about seeing a card to the dealer or the casino. It’s not illegal to use hole card data, and the worst thing the casino can do is ask you to leave the property.

2. Blackjack Card Counting

Every casino in the world wants you to think that counting cards are illegal. The reason why casinos want you to believe that card counting is unfair is that the casinos know that smart blackjack players who know how to count cards can beat the casino. The good news is if you do find a casino where it’s illegal to count cards, you can go to a casino in a different area. You can legally count cards in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as in every other casino in the United States that we know of. The only exception that we can think of that might be an issue in the US is a tribal casino. Tribal casinos operate under different rules and laws than most casinos.

3. Middling Sports Betting

One of my favorite sports betting tricks I something called middling. It’s not available every day, but if you’re willing to track the lines at a large number of online sportsbooks, you can find mediocre opportunities often. Middling is when you bet on both sides of a game with different sequences.

  • At one sportsbook, you find the following line: Jets + 3 ½ at the Bills
  • At another sportsbook, you see this line: Jets + 2 ½ at the Bills

You place a bet of $10 to win $11 on the Bills, giving 3 ½ points at the first book and put a $10 chance to win $11 on the Jets, getting 2 ½ points at the second book. How often do the Bills need to win this game by exactly three points for you to make a long-term profit? The Bills need to win by exactly three points at least one out of 20 times for you to make a profit. In other words, you’re not doing anything wrong by placing bets with sportsbooks using the lines they set.

4. Bonus Hunting

Suppose you’ve ever played at an online casino or even visited a website about gambling. Most of the bonuses you get when you gamble in an online casino don’t help you win, but sometimes you can get a bonus that you can make money using, as long as you know how to use the prize in a certain way. When you find a bonus that meets these two requirements, you have to play a low house edge game, so you have the best chance to clear the bonus and cash out your profit. It’s not easy to find online casino bonuses that meet all of these requirements, but it’s worth investigating because you can make a profit bonus hunting.

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5. Inviting Losers to Your Poker Game

Imagine what would happen if you began a poker game and only invited the worst poker players you knew to the game. If you could play in a poker game every week where you are the best player at the table, do you think you can make money? It’s not unethical to invite bad players to play poker. You’re not forcing them to play, and not every poker player is focused on winning at all costs. Some people enjoy playing poker and are willing to lose some money to play. Our experts have played in many underground and home poker games, and they’ve never seen or heard of one getting busted by the law. But it’s probably a good idea to check your local laws before starting a home poker game.


You can use your brain to compete with the casinos, even if you prefer to stop thinking when you gamble. Just remember that even though what you’re doing is legal, the casinos can still refuse to let you play if they catch you.