Addictive elements used by online casinos

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Addictive elements used by online casinos

November 24, 2021 | 1182 Views

Virtual gambling is comfortable and easy to access with any internet-connected desktop. It works 24/7. Does this also indicate it is more addictive than its land-based equivalent? Yes, and for many reasons. After so many casinos closed their doors due to the pandemic, players are turning to websites. The business has been thriving, as so many people feel annoyed, lonely, and accentuated. Ads for online casinos and sports betting appear omnipresent, and they do not mention the dangers.

Why And When Gambling Becomes A Problem?

A casino does not have to be fishy to be addictive. But, unfortunately, this whole industry is programmed this way. As a result, some people may irregularly gamble without serious effects. Others fail to control their impulses. So, what separates these gamblers from the others? The Gambling Commission in the UK says that these are primarily unemployed males between 25 and 34. A player has a mental disorder when:

  • their questionable behavior is determined, and it leads to clinically significant pain,
  • they need to play more and bet more money to endure the excitement they want,
  • they feel anxious or irritable when they try to restrict or stop gambling,
  • they have tried doing this before to no avail,
  • their gambling is passionate: they often play when distressed and track losses,
  • they lie to protect their amusement with gambling,
  • they have risked or lost a job, relationship, profession, or educational event as a result of their behavior,
  • they may rely on other people’s wealth to resolve financial problems created by gambling.

As you can see, all of these rules apply to people who play online and at land-based casinos. They have the liking and craving reward pathways in their brains. As time advances, they need to spend rising amounts of time and money in casinos to undergo the same level of excitement, necessarily falling into the trap of unhealthy gambling. Here are 5 things making online casinos more addictive:

1. Instant Access

When access to fun is literally at your fingertips, resigning is more complicated. You can play anywhere you go. When people were limited to their homes during lockdowns, online gambling paved the way.

2. Attractive Offers

Humans have an affection for instant delight and freebies. So online casinos are competing for users’ attention, using charming welcome offers that attract them. For example, you may begin playing slots with a few dollars or qualify for no deposit bonuses. Other reasons tempt you to come back for more. 

3. No Cash

Studies in behavioral economics prove that it is more challenging to part with cash than swipe a credit card. The same pertains to online transactions. Furthermore, if you add a credit card, refunds will be automatic. Thus, it is more comfortable to ignore them, and your troubles will not seem very damaging. What’s more, the volume of bets online is smaller, which creates the likeness of affordability.

4. Anonymity

Online Casinos use geolocation to block IPs from blocked countries, but that’s all. Nothing stops users from using a VPN or logging in when excited. Some lie about their age. As you don’t see real people, representing someone feels less evil. Gamblers who have eliminated themselves from land-based casinos intentionally can still play the games online.

5. Psychological Cues

Like video games, online casinos are packed with features that make them possibly addictive. Developers use skillful techniques to boost the demand and satisfaction levels. For example, bright lights, rich colors, and feedback circles are well-known affective cues for engagement. These tricks use our natural urges, such as senses of motivation, competition, research, and interest.

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Online gambling is here to stay, and players should be aware of the potential consequences of uncontrolled pastimes. Unfortunately, obsession is a reality for around 3% of the world population. Any gambling may cause driving behavior, but virtual casinos are more addictive due to the integrity of access, anonymity, and special features they provide. Memorize this the next time you gamble online, and stick to your betting limits.