Bonus Abuse at Online Casinos: Identifying and Avoiding Bonus Abuse

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Bonus Abuse at Online Casinos: Identifying and Avoiding Bonus Abuse

August 30, 2022 | 1073 Views

Bonuses are a good strategy for online casinos to attract new players and retain their current audience. They let players test out casinos and games without any commitment initially. However, bonuses also encourage players to bet their own money. Most of the time, both parties benefit: players receive free gambling money, and casinos gain valued paying clients. However, issues occur when players try to scam casinos by using bonuses. So in what ways does bonus abuse gambling work, and how may it be avoided? Learn everything you ought to know about using bonuses honestly at real money online casinos by reading our detailed guide.

What is Bonus Abuse at Online Casinos?

Bonus abuse is the habit of looking for casino promotions and trying to benefit them by withdrawing bonuses before meeting the casino’s conditions, spending bonuses more than once, or gaining them illegally. For example, bonus-abusing gamblers may search casino websites for the most recent welcome/signup deals and open several accounts to claim the bonuses more than once. In actuality, casual players usually believe they are abusing the system and behaving correctly. 

Types of Bonus Abuse at Online Casino

Abusers of casino bonuses have a variety of strategies in their arsenal. The casino scammer will try a different ruse if the first one fails to obtain more free casino money. Here are a few types of bonus abuse at online casinos:

1. Bonus Hunting:

Searching online for juicy online casino deals is part of the online casino bonus hunt. In the hopes of utilizing the bonus to score significant wins, bonus seekers will register with any casino website giving the bonus. If they lose the bet, they go on to a different casino. The plan is to score a sizable win on the high volatility game. Then, the hunter can complete the remaining wagering criteria with modest bets using the money from the enormous victory.

2. Creating Multiple Accounts:

Most online casinos only permit one account per user to be created. The particular IP address of the device or home used to sign up and claim the bonus is typically used to monitor this restriction. Using a VPN or multiple accounts created from various IP addresses is a common tactic to mislead the casino. The same player can repeatedly collect enticing signup bonuses even though the accounts appear to belong to separate individuals.

3. Ignoring Restrictions on Promotions:

The terms and conditions, or fine print, that describe the promotion’s guidelines, prerequisites, and limitations, are included with every casino bonus. One of the most frequent restrictions prohibits gamblers from using bonus funds when playing particular games. Due to their low house edges, poker and blackjack are usually excluded from casino bonuses as they make it more difficult for the casino to profit from the player. Casino websites use modern technology to stop players from redeeming bonus funds for games that aren’t allowed. 

4. Claiming Bonus Multiple Times:

Players are only allowed to withdraw their bonus funds once at casinos. In other words, you will typically only be able to take advantage of a particular casino promotion once. It is particularly true regarding welcome bonuses exclusively given to new customers. Some players attempt to get around casino server trackers using repeated bonus redemptions. The most typical strategy is to open several accounts. Then, if lucky, the player may claim bonuses more than once before the casino discovers them.

5. Saving Bonuses:

Casinos prefer that players use their bonus money as soon as possible when they’ve redeemed it by meeting the wagering requirements rather than holding it and merging it with funds from additional promotions. It is a type of bonus abuse to the casinos, even though it is not fraudulent.

How to Avoid Bonus Abuse?

While most bonus abusers are aware of their behavior, some gamblers can engage in bonus abuse at an online casino without being aware of it. If in doubt, avoid the following behaviors to prevent the casino from banning their account for bonus abuse:

1. Avoid using bonus funds to place high bets:

Avoid using bonus funds to place huge bets on games that count toward your casino bonus. Although there is nothing illegal in looking for increased volatility games to win large, casinos don’t enjoy it when players use the bonus money to accomplish this.

2. Avoid enrolling twice in an online gambling site:

This is a grave offense. With any given online casino, you are only allowed to have one account. Instead of opening more accounts on one site, think about joining many to take advantage of different online casino bonuses.

3. Following the Terms and Conditions:

The most straightforward way to prevent confusion about casino bonuses is to carefully read the casino’s terms and conditions. You may learn more about the restrictions and guidelines for bonuses here.

4. Understanding the significance of the wagering requirements:

The wagering requirements are an essential component of a bonus Terms and Conditions. The wagering requirements, or the number of times you should wager the bonus money before it is withdrawable, are always specified in the casino’s Terms and Conditions. Take your time to read and understand these.

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Online casinos offer bonuses to keep you playing there. Most people have no issues as long as you gain from bonuses. However, gaming websites become irritated when you or anybody else consciously attempts to obtain an advantage through bonuses.  Of course, you’re not necessarily wrong if you take advantage of weakness to make money. However, not all online casinos are pleased if you utilize all measures necessary to succeed.