Online Casinos that accept Citadel Instant Banking

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Online Casinos that accept Citadel Instant Banking

August 20, 2020 | 1904 Views

Citadel Commerce offers an abundance of banking services, but the one used mostly for Citadel Casinos is Instant Banking, an electronic money transfer service. This service connects user’s bank accounts to traders and service providers, including online casinos, all over the world. For instance, when depositing to online casinos accepting Citadel as a payment method, players will use their online bank accounts to do so. 

One of Citadel banking’s added benefits is that it doesn’t make use of credit or debit cards. Citadel mainly processes transactions for their customers when depositing funds or make payments to a variety of websites. One of Citadel’s most common uses is money transfer authorization, which processes transactions directly from the user’s bank accounts’ to the merchants’ bank accounts. 

myCitadel is an online wallet where players can withdraw or deposit money from online casinos as they wish. Online Casinos will need to have the myCitadel wallet available as a payment method for the service to be available. 

Citadel works in assistance with banks across the globe, having one the most extensive networks, with over 200 banks in 30 countries. It started offering online banking services back in 2000 and has grown exponentially. It is used by many sites and provides payment solutions to some of the most significant merchants in the payments industry.

History of Citadel Banking

Citadel banking was founded in 2000 and is now known as Instant Banking by Citadel. It has become a household name for instant banking as it uses its clientele’s own local internet banking environment to process financial transactions online.

Casinos that accept Citadel Banking options

Citadel banking is an online payment method recognized for its accessibility and convenience. Casinos that allow this type of banking as a payment method make use of the instant banking portion of the enterprise, allowing users to transfer money electronically with great ease. Citadel collaborates with several banks across 30 countries, allowing users a free range of access in many international markets.

Best online casinos with citadel banking


Spin Casino site provides to the players who love to play slots games. It offers over 450 games, tournaments, with over a 97% payout ratio. Spin Casino has won multiple awards since its launch in 2001. In 2017, they redesigned their website. They provide a quality casino and sports betting experience. 

  • Over €5 million daily payouts
  • A wide array of games for Pc and mobile
  • 24/7 Customer support

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Established in 1997, 888 Casino has been a top online casino. They have maintained their reputation in a highly competitive industry. It is one of the oldest online casinos in the world. 888 Casino also has a wide variety of bonuses and special promotions for players, making it enticing for both new and old players. This Casino has millions of players worldwide.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Highly lucrative bonus offers
  • Variety of playable games

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 This Casino has become a well-known virtual casino since its establishment in 2006. It is highly reliable, with a wide variety of games for both seasoned and new players. It also has a highly detailed bonus program. Additionally, it is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the most stringent gaming authorities provides it with a lot of reliability.

  • A large variety of games
  • Comprehensive bonus program
  • Highly secure casino environment

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Deposit and withdrawal at citadel banking casino sites

If Citadel supports your bank account, all you need to do is log in to your online casino account. Once you logged in, players need to visit the cashier page and choose Citadel as their approved payment method. A drop-down list will then appear with a list of banks that are recommended by Citadel. After that, players need to log in to their online bank account to verify the amount they wish to transfer. It can take about 1 to 3 functioning days for a user of Citadel banking to receive money. Besides, players are advised to consider the processing time of each Casino, which can vary from a few hours to 2 days.

Advantages of using Citadel instant banking casinos

  • Payments are finalized almost immediately.
  • Payments are entirely anonymous, as no confidential information is shared.
  • There’s no need to register for the Citadel service.
  • Citadel does not charge any fees for the use of its service.
  • Secured and Safe payments as the highest measures of banking security are applied.

Disadvantages of using citadel instant banking casinos

  • It is not available in all countries.
  • Citadel is not always offered as withdrawal options at online casinos.
  • Your local bank may require a fee to customers.


Citadel does have a massive security level, as it is highly protective of their client’s information and does not share any private data with third-party sites. Citadel also uses many different encryption methods, which reduces the chances of fraud.

If anything you should have gathered from this Citadel Instant Banking Online Casinos Review, Citadel Instant Banking Casinos ticks all the appropriate boxes when it comes to the full world of payment options. This method is as secure as they come, but players can play with their minds utterly reliable in the knowledge that their details are as safe as houses.