How to play and win Bitcoin dice games?

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How to play and win Bitcoin dice games?

February 9, 2022 | 1057 Views

As online casinos and cryptocurrency grow more and more popular, one game combines the features of these two to create innovative triumph. Bitcoin dice are gradually climbing the top levels of crypto casinos, and it’s easy to know why. So let’s dive into everything you must know about this game! Due to the origin of Bitcoin, the classic dice games are now converted into a more unique and profitable online casino gaming experience. Loaded with perks and features you’ll enjoy, there are a few differences between a traditional game of dice in conventional casinos and a Bitcoin dice game at crypto casinos. The most obvious is that Bitcoin dice games deliver fast withdrawals and an anonymous casino gaming experience. This makes them beneficial for making money through Bitcoin dice games. 

What is Bitcoin dice?

In dice games, you bet on the result of the dice roll. The same idea is also applied in Bitcoin dice games but with a few deviations in the game rules and betting options. You have to wager in Bitcoin here rather than fiat money for beginners. However, most Bitcoin dice games also let you wager using fiat money, so you have an alternative. Here are the fundamental rules of playing Bitcoin dice games:

  1. Select the maximum or minimum bet value you want to play on.
  2. Select the number you want to bet on. Unlike regular dice, the numbers you can pick in Bitcoin dice go from one to thousands depending on the game.
  3. Choose your betting alternative. You can bet on Roll-Hi, where the outcome of the dice roll must be higher than your selected number, or you can wager in Roll-Lo, in which the dice roll must be lower than your set number.
  4. You will win if your expected number is correct and if the rolled number is either higher or lower as you expected. Otherwise, you will lose your bet.

Bitcoin dice betting tips you should follow.

Aside from potentially winning lucrative prizes, playing Bitcoin dice games for real money also means risking assets that you may no longer earn back. Hence, you need to bet smartly and ensure that your money won’t waste. Luckily, Bitcoin dice games also have strategies you can use to make the most out of your bets. Take a look at some of these below:

Setting aside half of your winnings to secure a profit.

One of your main goals as a Bitcoin dice player is to make profits after your game sessions. Make sure to raise half of your winnings instantly so you won’t leave the online casino with an empty pocket. Remember not to stake your banked returns and learn to manage your bankroll without sacrificing them.

Slowly increase your bet.

Gambling responsibly means handling the outcomes of your online casino games accordingly. One way to do this is to raise your bet slowly instead of wagering vast amounts of money in a single round. Placing bigger bets immediately will only risk your entire bankroll in one shot. Instead, it is better to place multiple smaller bets to enjoy the game for a more extended time.

Only play on a reliable platform.

There are a bunch of platforms where you can play Bitcoin dice games, but not all of them are as reputable and safe. The odds of improving your chances of winning here are higher since casinos offer huge bonuses and promotions.

Best Bitcoin dice playing strategies

With the game rules and betting tips, it’s time to try your luck and place your bets. First, however, if you want to have the best picture in playing Bitcoin dice games, learn how to win by using the techniques below:

Martingale dice strategy

The Martingale strategy is probably the most popular method players use. If you lose the first bet, the next roll’s result will likely be the opposite of the earlier one. Thus, doubling your next chance will help you win back your last loss. Here is how you do the Martingale strategy:

  1. Place your bet.
  2. If you win, repeat the same chance. Double your wager on the next opportunity to recoup the loss if you don’t.
  3. If you lose on the next roll, double your stake again until you beat the next one. Otherwise, go back to your initial bet.

Break-Even Martingale dice strategy

Break-Even Martingale dice strategy lets you hold out against losing strikes by slowing the rate of raising bets. Unlike the Martingale strategy, you will not fold your stake for every losing round. For example, if you lose a five mBTC bet, you bet on the same amount for the next game. But if you lose again, increase your chance to 10mBTC.

Paroli Bitcoin dice strategy

The Paroli Bitcoin dice strategy is contrary to the Martingale strategy. You will double your stake every time you succeed and encounter a 3-game winning streak. However, you must reset your bet to the actual amount if you lose.

Best Bitcoin dice games you can play

Many Bitcoin dice games are available on online casino platforms, so finding the best one can be a daunting job. To save you time, here are some of the best Bitcoin dice games that you should try:

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a fast-paced Bitcoin dice game that offers plenty of betting options and a chance to win huge rewards! It features three dice with denominations of 1 to 100. Moreover, you can place your bets on many outcomes to have greater chances of winning in multiple ways. The game layout of Sic Bo has red accents and green background with an easy-to-navigate user interface.

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Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is one of the best Bitcoin dice games where you can come across random multipliers of up to 1000x your stake. To play, you only have to bet on the total of the three dice after they are rolled. You can also wager on all 16 bet spots by clicking the ‘Bet on All’ button. 

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Dice Twice

Dice Twice is an easy and fun Bitcoin dice game where you can change the odds in the betting pie by pulling the slider. The winning chance and possible payout displayed on the screen vary as you slide.

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Play and win at Bitcoin dice games now!

Bitcoin dice games are fun to play and allow you to have a new and innovative gambling experience. However, despite its quick and easy gameplay, these games can give away big prizes, especially if you have an effective Bitcoin dice game strategy. In addition, playing responsibly and betting only in reputable online casinos will ensure a higher chance of winning.