Winning at European Roulette: Essential Tips

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How To Play European Roulette Online: Tips and Strategies

January 23, 2024 | 585 Views

European Roulette is an interesting casino game that has stood the test of time, attracting the hearts of players around the globe. Originating in 18th-century France, this classic game has become a symbol of elegance and excitement. The game is known for its distinctive wheel featuring 37 pockets, numbered 0 through 36, and its iconic red and black color scheme. The simplicity of European Roulette is part of its allure, making it a favorite among seasoned gamblers and newcomers to the casino scene.

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of playing European Roulette online. Online casinos’ convenience and availability have brought the thrill of the spinning `wheel directly to players’ fingertips. This rising trend is not confined to a specific region; it’s a global phenomenon. As players seek the perfect blend of entertainment and the chance to win big, online European Roulette emerges as a preferred choice. This blog will explore the nuances of playing European Roulette online, providing tips and strategies to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re a novice exploring the game for the first time or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, this guide aims to be your companion in the exciting world of online European Roulette.

Understanding European Roulette

European Roulette, a favorite in land-based and online casinos, features a distinct table layout that sets it apart from its American counterpart. Understanding the layout is critical to enjoying the game. Here’s a breakdown:

The Wheel

European roulette wheels have 37 pockets, including numbers 1 through 36 and a single green zero.

Unlike American Roulette, there are no double zero pockets.

The numbers follow a specific pattern, with 18 red and 18 black pockets alternating in color.

The sequence of numbers is unique to European wheels, and they face the wheel’s inner part.

Numbers are divided into high (19-36) and low (1-18) ranges.

Red and black pockets always alternate, creating a visually balanced wheel.

A specific pattern emerges when examining the wheel closely, with black and red numbers arranged in distinct groups on either side of the zero pocket.

The wheel spins counterclockwise while the ball spins clockwise.

The Layout

Covered in green cloth, and the layout is where players place their bets.

It can be divided into two main sections for inside and outside bets.

Inside Bets: Placed in the inner section of the layout, these bets correspond to individual numbers or specific number combinations on the wheel.

Outside Bets: Placed in the outer section, these bets cover broader options such as Odd/Even, Red/Black, High/Low, Dozen, and Column bets.

Unlike the American version, European Roulette distinguishes itself by having only one zero-betting box on the layout.

Understanding the layout allows players to make informed bets and enjoy the strategic aspects of European Roulette. Whether placing bets on specific numbers or opting for broader outside bets, the green-covered table holds the excitement of potential wins with each wheel spin.

Getting Started with Online European Roulette

Choosing a reputable online casino is paramount for a fulfilling online European Roulette experience. Begin by thoroughly researching and reading player reviews to gauge the platform’s reliability. A positive online reputation reflects fair play and timely payouts. Prioritize safety by checking the licensing and regulatory aspects, ensuring the casino adheres to stringent regulations.

Once you’ve selected a trustworthy online casino, create an account and deposit using the convenient payment options. Familiarize yourself with the user interface, navigate to the European Roulette games, and explore various options to understand features and betting limits. This knowledge will guide your online European Roulette journey, enhancing your gaming experience.

European Roulette Rules Simplified

Understanding European Roulette is straightforward, making it an accessible game for players of all levels. Here’s a simplified guide to the rules:

Placing Bets:

Players place bets using colored chips to distinguish each participant.

Common bets include predicting the winning number, color, or whether it’s odd or even.

Game Process:

Once bets are placed, the croupier stops betting and spins the wheel.

The ball is rolled in the opposite direction of the wheel’s spin.

Outcome Announcement:

When the ball settles in a slot, the croupier announces the result.

Losing bets are collected, and winners receive their payouts.

Optional Rules:

Some casinos play with optional rules that impact even-money bets.

En Prison Rule: Applies to even-money bets. When zero comes up:

Reclaim half the bet and lose the other half.

Leave the bet “in prison” for the next spin. If the subsequent spin matches the bet, the player gets their money back; otherwise, the whole bet is lost.

La Partage Rule: Like En Prison, the player has no option. When zero appears, they automatically lose half the bet.

Maximum and Minimum Stakes:

Casinos set limits for minimum and maximum stakes on a roulette table.

Recreational play often follows these limits.

The total amount of a player’s inside bets must outdo the minimum stake per spin.

Maximum stakes vary based on the type of bet; for example, the maximum for a straight-up bet is usually different from a pair of numbers or a corner bet.

Remember, the simplicity of European Roulette lies in its predictability. Whether new to the game or seasoned, these rules provide a foundation for an enjoyable and straightforward gaming experience.


Bet TypeBet PayoutBet ProbabilityHouse Edge
Square or Corner8/110.81%2.70%
Six Line5/116.2%2.70%
Red / Black1/148.64%2.70%
Odd / Even1/148.64%2.70%
High / Low1/148.64%2.70%

Outside Bet

Outside bets are like the edges of the roulette table, offering various ways to predict outcomes without focusing on a specific number.


It’s as simple as picking red or black. You’re betting on the color of the winning number, marked clearly on the table. It’s an even-money bet (1:1), but with 0 or 00 on the wheel, your chances are slightly less than 50/50, giving the casino its edge.


Here, you’re guessing if the number will be odd or even. The table labels these as “even” and “odd.” Again, it’s an even-money bet, but the presence of 0 and 00 means it’s not a perfect 50/50 shot.


This bet revolves around whether the chosen number falls within the low range (1-18) or high range (19-36). Both options offer even-money bets.


Picture the table in three columns. You’re wagering on the ball landing in one of these columns of twelve numbers.

Column 1: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34

Column 2: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35

Column 3: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36

Each column pays 2:1, doubling your bet if you win.


Similar to columns, this bet covers groups of twelve numbers.

1st 12: Numbers 1-12

2nd 12: Numbers 13-24

3rd 12: Numbers 25-36

Choosing the right dozen also pays 2:1, doubling your bet upon success.

Inside Bet

Inside bets bring the action closer to the heart of the roulette table, focusing on specific numbers or groups within the rectangle of numbers.

Straight Up

Pick any number – 1, 7, 13, or even 0. If the ball lands on your chosen number, you win; otherwise, you lose. It’s straightforward. Each straight-up bet pays 35:1.


Rather than betting on a single number, place your bet on the line between two numbers. If either of the two numbers is the outcome, you win. For example, 1|2 or 13|14. This pays 17:1.


Bet on any number within a row of three numbers. For instance:

1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6

34, 35, 36

If the ball lands on any number in this trio, you’re paid 11:1, also known as trio or street bets.


It is similar to the split bet, but you’re betting on one of four numbers that form a square. Examples include:

1 | 2

3 | 5

These four-number or square bets pay 8:1.


Similar to street bets, but covering two rows of three numbers each, for example:




These six-number bets pay 5:1.

Five-Number Bet

A wager on the group of numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. It has a 6:1 payoff but a higher probability of the house winning at 13.16%.


Bet on the numbers 0-1-2-3 also called a “first four” bet. This pays 6:1.

Snake Bet

Unique and fun, covering the numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34 in a snake-like pattern. This bet pays 2:1.

Call Bet

Call bets excite European and French roulette tables, though they might only be available elsewhere.

The distinctive feature of call bets is that instead of placing chips on the table, you announce or “call out” your bet. It’s worth noting that in some places, making call bets might involve gambling on credit, which can be illegal.

Here’s a breakdown of the different call bets you can make:

Voisins du Zéro

Translated as “neighbors of zero,” this bet covers the numbers surrounding 0 on a single-0 roulette wheel—specifically, the seventeen numbers between and including 22 and 25. You need at least nine chips distributed across various splits and corners to make this bet.

Jeu Zero

Meaning “zero game,” this bet focuses on the numbers closest to zero, which include 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. With four chips, you place bets on specific splits and a straight-up bet on 26.

Tiers du Cylindre

Translated as “thirds of the wheel,” this bet includes twelve numbers opposite those covered by Voisins du Zéro, ranging from 27 to 33. Six chips are used, with each chip placed on different splits.

How to Play European Roulette

1. Understanding the Basics

European Roulette is distinct, with 37 pockets and a single zero. The primary objective is to predict the following winning number. Compared to American Roulette, which has a double zero, the European version typically offers better odds for players.

2. Place Your Bet

Stake Decision: Players need to decide how much they want to bet. Pay attention to chip denominations and check the table limits, usually displayed as the game loads.

Betting Options: Online players enjoy the same betting opportunities as brick-and-mortar casinos. They can bet on groups of numbers, specific numbers,the color of the winning number, or whether it will be odd or even.

3. Betting Process

Chip Selection: Click on the chip with the preferred value.

Placing Bets: Once the chip is selected, put it on the corresponding area of the virtual roulette table to make the desired bet.

4. Spin the Wheel

After placing bets, initiate the spin of the wheel. The online roulette system will generate a random outcome, determining the winning number.

The expectancy builds as the wheel slows down, revealing the outcome.

5. Instant Betting Results

Some online Roulette variants offer a unique feature where players can see potential winnings before placing bets. This adds a different layer of strategy to the decision-making process.

6. Differences from Land-Based Play

Pace of Play: Online Roulette can have a faster pace compared to its land-based counterpart. Players are usually the sole participants, and the process is entirely digital.

Digital Dealer: Online games typically feature a digital dealer, making the experience more streamlined.

Device Accessibility: Software developers ensure that online roulette games work seamlessly across various devices, including touchscreen devices, providing accessibility at the players’ convenience.

7. Live-Dealer Option

For those seeking a more immersive experience, some online casinos offer live-dealer European Roulette. This option involves a real-time, live-streamed game with a professional dealer, bridging the gap between online and land-based casino play.

By following these steps, players can engage in European Roulette online, enjoying the excitement and unpredictability of the game from the comfort of their chosen digital device.

Popular European Roulette Games Online

European-style Roulette has seen numerous exciting variants emerge in the online casino world. Here are some thrilling options for casino enthusiasts looking to explore different versions of this classic game:

European Roulette Gold Series:

This variant enhances the standard European roulette experience with improved graphics and additional customization features. It offers a more sophisticated and immersive gameplay.

Premier Roulette:

Premier Roulette takes European Roulette to the next level with customizable table layouts, advanced statistics, and a sleek design. Players can customize the game to their preference for a personalized gaming experience.

Multi-Wheel European Roulette Gold:

For those seeking a more dynamic experience, Multi-Wheel European Roulette Gold allows players to place bets on up to eight wheels simultaneously. It adds a thrilling and fast-paced dimension to traditional European Roulette.

Age of the Gods Roulette:

This variant combines European Roulette with popular Age of the Gods slot series elements. It features a progressive jackpot, enticing players with the chance to win big while enjoying the classic roulette gameplay.

Double Ball Roulette:

Double Ball Roulette uses two instead of one, offering a unique twist. This innovation adds extra excitement and increases the potential for multiple winning outcomes in a single spin.

Lightning Roulette:

Lightning Roulette introduces electrifying multipliers to the traditional European roulette format. Specific numbers receive boosted payouts with random lightning strikes, creating a more dynamic and rewarding experience.

French Roulette:

While similar to European Roulette, French Roulette includes the “La Partage” rule, allowing players to recover half of their stake on even-money bets when the ball lands on zero. It adds a different layer of strategy to the game.

Immersive Roulette:

Immersive Roulette delivers an engaging and realistic experience with multiple camera angles, slow-motion replays, and a professional live dealer. This variant brings the excitement of a land-based casino to online players.

Speed Roulette:

Designed for those who prefer a faster pace, Speed Roulette reduces the time between spins, providing a more dynamic and rapid gaming experience without compromising on the thrill of European Roulette.

Monopoly Roulette: Hot Properties:

Merging the classic board game with Roulette, Monopoly Roulette: Hot Properties adds a unique twist. Players can place bets on Monopoly properties, and bonus features inspired by the iconic board game are incorporated.

These variants showcase the diversity and innovation within European-style roulette games available online, catering to players with different preferences and adding exciting elements to the traditional gameplay.

European Roulette Online Bonus Section

If you’re looking for an even more engaging and social roulette experience, Live Dealer Roulette is the way to go. Picture this: you enjoy the excitement of playing with a real croupier through a live video stream. You can connect with the dealer and fellow players in real time, bringing the buzz of a brick-and-mortar casino to your device.

Now, let’s talk about the different flavors of Roulette you can explore beyond the classic European setup:

  • French Roulette: This one comes with the “La Partage” rule. If the ball lands on zero, half of your losing bets on even-money chances are returned. It adds a distinctive twist to the game.
  • Mini Roulette: Imagine a compact wheel with only 13 numbers (0-12). This speeds up the gameplay and opens up the possibility of better-winning odds.
  • Double Ball Roulette: Here’s a game-changer: two balls play simultaneously. This multiplies your potential wins and introduces an extra layer of unpredictability to keep things exciting.

Explore these variations at your preferred online casino to spice up your roulette adventures.

Common Strategies for European Roulette

Martingale System

The Martingale strategy represents a daring foray into betting, promising substantial rewards for those with a formidable financial reservoir. This method advocates doubling the initial stake after encountering losses, a tactic aimed at recuperating prior setbacks. To illustrate, if a $10 wager yields a loss, the subsequent bet escalates to $20.

The essence of this strategy manifests itself amid a series of consecutive losses. Security is heightened by opting for outside bets, facilitating the gradual accumulation of a financial buffer. Once a robust financial foundation is established, players can venture into higher-stake wagers, emphasizing inside bets.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system introduces a mathematical sequence into the roulette arena, prescribing a specific progression: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so forth. Commencing with a $1 bet, a player progresses to the following number in the sequence after a loss, incrementing their wager. A victory prompts a step back by two spaces in the sequence and a reduction in the betting amount.

In essence, losses trigger larger bets, while wins prompt a decrement in the betting amount. The Fibonacci system, with its numerical dance, adds a layer of complexity to roulette strategy.

The D’Alembert System

Step-by-Step Guide and Considerations

The D’Alembert System is a popular betting strategy that advocates adjusting bets based on previous outcomes. This system suggests increasing bets after losses and decreasing them after wins, aiming for a balance over time. Players should grasp the step-by-step application of the D’Alembert System and consider its suitability for their preferred gaming approach.

Effectiveness Within the Realm of European Roulette

The D’Alembert System’s effectiveness in European Roulette hinges on the player’s ability to maintain discipline and adapt to changing outcomes. While providing a more conservative approach than some strategies, understanding its nuances and limitations is important to make informed decisions at the roulette table.

Advanced Strategies for Seasoned Players

Labouchere System

Attributed to Henry Labouchere, this strategic betting method is frequently employed in games like Roulette and blackjack, introducing an element of calculation and anticipation. The operational steps are as follows:

  • Sequence Selection

Players meticulously choose a sequence of numbers, forming the foundation of their strategic pursuit, such as 1-2-3-4-5.

  • Initial Bet

The initial bet is the sum of the first and last numbers in the chosen sequence. For instance, with the sequence 1-2-3-4-5, the initial bet would be $6 (1 + 5).

  • Wager Placement

After each round, a triumphant outcome prompts eliminating the first and last numbers. Conversely, in the event of a loss, the lost amount is appended to the end of the sequence.

  • Progression

Repeat this process until all numbers in the sequence are eliminated, reaching the predetermined profit target.

While the Labouchere system introduces a calculated dimension to gambling, achieving success is contingent upon a harmonious blend of luck and the adept execution of the selected number sequence.

Biased Wheel Hunting

The biased wheel-hunting strategy in Roulette is employed by experienced players who believe that certain roulette wheels have a physical bias, causing the ball to favor specific pockets. Here’s a more detailed breakdown.

Identifying Bias

Observing the wheel for subtle clues such as uneven spins, potential wear on certain pockets, or consistent ball behavior.

Recognizing that casinos maintain their equipment well, the focus is on identifying less noticeable imperfections that could be exploited.

Exploiting Bias

Adapting betting strategies based on the identified bias.

Increasing wagers on pockets that appear to be favored by the biased wheel.

Utilizing sector bets by placing wagers on adjacent pockets within the suspected biased area to enhance the chances of winning.

Employing statistical analysis to track landing frequencies over time and using statistical tools to confirm the presence of statistically significant biases.

Managing Risk

Being cautious of confirmation bias, where players may mistakenly interpret random events as evidence of bias.

Emphasizing the importance of a large sample size to accurately identify genuine biases, as relying on limited observations can be misleading.

Considering the possibility of casino countermeasures, casinos actively monitor for advantage players. They may take steps to neutralize biased wheel-hunting techniques.

Top Ranking Online Casinos for Playing European Roulette

Wild Casino

Wild Casino boasts various roulette games, including multiple European Roulette variants like European Roulette Deluxe. However, none of these variants offer demo versions. Suppose you’re looking for a casino with a broader selection of roulette games. In that case, Wild Casino is a good choice, but remember, you can only try them out after playing for real money.

Red Dog

Red Dog offers European Roulette, but no demo version is available. So, there are better options than this casino if you want to try it before buying. However, if you’re familiar with Roulette and comfortable playing for real money, Red Dog is a good choice.

7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino is the only casino on your shortlist offering European Roulette and a demo version. This makes it an excellent choice for new players or anyone who wants to practice before playing for real money. Plus, 7Bit Casino has many other casino games, so you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

El Royale

El Royale offers European Roulette, but no demo version is available. So, there are better options than this casino if you want to try it before buying. However, if you’re familiar with Roulette and comfortable playing for real money, El Royale is a good choice. El Royale offers other casino games, including slots, blackjack, and poker.


In conclusion, with its rich history and timeless appeal, European Roulette comes to life in the online gaming realm, offering players an accessible and thrilling experience. From fundamental principles and essential tips to advanced strategies, this guide has navigated the diverse facets of the game, providing insights for players of all levels. Emphasizing responsible gaming practices adds a layer of mindfulness to the excitement, allowing players to savor the allure of European Roulette while maintaining a balanced and enjoyable approach to their gaming journey.