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How to play KENO online? – A complete guide from the experts

May 20, 2021 | 1284 Views

Keno has a bad reputation in the gambling world. It’s dismissed as a place for retired customers. The keno hall is indeed a harbor for the unfortunate gamblers trying to remove every last bit of excitement. Still, it can be much more if you know a few basic principles. Let’s take a closer glimpse at the most forgotten game in the casino. Betting on keno may become your latest casino favorite. 

Easy to Play

Keno is next to slots when it comes to the most convenient casino games to play. It is played much like the lottery. But there is one notable difference: Keno has you selecting ten numbers. Not only do you get to choose more digits than your usual lottery, but it is also for 20 numbers in most casinos. This opens up a wide diversity of ways to win.

The obvious choices for selecting numbers usually boil down to birthdays, anniversaries, and other special dates. However, you can choose numbers at random and have just as much fun as the next person. There’s no way you can correctly pick keno numbers. That makes the game exciting to win. If you’ve ever played the lottery, you know the difficulties here. Keno offers a double edge for gamblers.

Getting to Know the Game

A regular real money keno game consists of a keno card, a paytable, and a few keys. Since every online keno game is a bit distinctive, these are the common factors you’ll find when you choose to play online.

  • Keno Card – A keno card is a giant grid of numbers. You can think of it as a big lottery ticket with the digits 1 through 80. In classic online keno games, you’ll find 8 rows of 10 numbers each.
  • Quick Pick – Instead of selecting the numbers on your own, you can choose the Quick Pick button to have the system select them for you. This is like the quick pick characteristic found in most state lotteries.
  • Pay Table – This tells you what your payout will be for the number of hits you make. You don’t necessarily get paid out for catching more numbers. Instead, you get paid out if the percentage of numbers you hit is large. For example, catching 4 of 4 selected numbers might make you a payout of 1800x your bet, but seeing 4 of 10 chosen numbers might only earn you 2x your chance.

How to Play Keno Online?

  • Choose an online keno game. If you’re doubtful about where to start, check out the different keno games available at the top casinos.
  • Select your numbers. In most of the games, you can choose between 1 to 20 from the keno grid. How many you prefer is entirely up to you. But remember, the higher the percentage of numbers you catch, the greater your payout rate will be.
  • Determine how much you desire to bet per draw. You can change your bet by clicking the arrows next to the picked betting amount.
  • You will be asked to show how many games you’d like to play. For example, if you choose to bet $2 on your numbers and play a total of 5 games, this will cost $10.
  • Now you need to wait for the numbers to be drawn to know if you are a winner! The system will pull the maximum numbers, examining each one with an X or a tick mark. You’ll be paid out based on how many numbers you’ve hit.

The Hunt for the Perfect Card

One perspective of the keno life is appealing to the gamblers – the hunt for the perfect card. Getting all 20 numbers of a draw is nearly impracticable but still doable. However, you are over 10,000,000,000 times more likely to hit the Powerball jackpot. Sadly, going 20 for 20 won’t get you billions, but you’ll become a celebrity for a short time.

Keno Is Gaining Traction Online

Keno is starting to gain a hold in online casinos as well. That shows a more significant demand than many people would assume.

Perhaps keno is an outstanding game for a more significant gambler share than many people give it praise.

Go to any of the prevailing online gambling sites, and you’ll soon begin seeing all sorts of keno variants. We recently came across an online casino that contributed nearly two dozen versions of keno.

Who would’ve known this casino relic would find a place as we move into the future of casino gambling?

Top Online Casinos where you can play Keno

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Trying new games in the casino can be a hard sell, especially when that game has been around since long before the primary casino opened its doors. Still, keno can draw a lot to the table for gamblers that need a pause from the central casino platform or are looking to stretch a fixed bankroll. Give it a try, and playing keno online may be your new casino favorite.