How to read poker players in Online Poker

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How to read poker players in Online Poker

December 14, 2022 | 976 Views

Online casinos are the new trendsetters these days. Poker enthusiasts are having a gala time playing poker online. How to read poker players is one skill that only a few people possess. While getting a read on regular poker players is difficult, reading an online poker player is even more difficult. And let’s not forget to add the rising Online Poker Bots to this mix. Welcome to how to read poker players while playing online. Common ticks like facial expressions, a nervous habit, or trembling hands are not accessible while getting a read on online poker players. Hence, the following tell-a-tales on online poker players will help you get a good read on them while playing poker online. 

Online Poker Tells: The best way to read your opponents.

Tell 1: Your opponent checks their cards instantly.

The first sign of how to get a read on your opponent in online poker is to notice whether they instantly check their cards as their hands are dealt. If so, then know they’re a novice and are nervous about playing the game. While playing poker online, new players often tend to check their cards more quickly and fold them, which usually shows they have weak hands. An instant check of cards after dealing with a big blind deal will also tell you that they’re new and nervous. 

Tell 2: Your opponent bets a bluff.

To read poker players when you play poker online, you should know that some players bluff bet. Now let me tell you what a bluff bet is. A bluff bet is when the cards allotted to the players are not worth the gamble, yet the players bet higher in hopes that the opponents will think that they have great pair of cards and will fold. Only some people can pull off bluff bets easily. Calling out bluff stakes can work in your favor, but sometimes it may backfire if the player has genuinely good cards. So only call the bluff after knowing your opponent well. 

Tell 3: Your opponent raises minimum bets.

If your opponent in online poker raises their bets to a minimum, it is a poker tell that the player is new and is scared to lose money by submitting higher stakes. Every new player is guilty of doing this at some point. While new online poker players are guilty of raising the minimum bets, it is only sometimes that way, so don’t be overconfident and rule them out. But over time, if you notice that the player is making continuous low bets when their cards are mediocre and higher bets when they’re dealt with good hands, make a note of their habit. 

Tell 4: Your opponent takes a long time to place bets.

This poker tell might come in handy for getting a read on poker players while playing online. For example, when an online poker player takes a long time to place a bet but places the highest bet, they mostly do this to mislead the opponents at the table and make them think they are bluffing. Do not engage in such tactics and fold your pair.

Other strategies on how to read poker players

Limp Call

While playing poker online, pay attention to your opponents and notice if they’re limp calling. Limp calling is when the player calls in an unraised or blind pot in the first round. Limp calling is a sign of weakness in poker players. Such players usually play online poker passively, which can only help them win sometimes. 

Postflop bet sizes 

When playing poker online, notice what kind of bets the other members play after having a flop bet or a couple of flops in a row. If their bet sizes decrease, then know that they are not much confident in their game or that they’re new and afraid to lose money. You can bring this to your advantage. But to take advantage of that trait, you need to play with that player for some time and realize they’re doing it every time they have a flop bet. 

Stacksize and Autorebuys 

Regular online poker players usually keep their stacks filled all the time. They typically have the maximum amount of chips on their table and keep restocking them to the maximum amount. Players with the minimum stack size or those who rebuy the stack to the minimum amount to keep playing are either not very confident players or are usually new. This can be used to our advantage while playing poker online. 

A few tactics that players cannot miss

VIP Status

While playing online poker, you may find yourself amidst VIP players. The VIP status of the player is earned at the casino after playing regularly with the maximum amount of stacks and chips. While playing with these members, you must realize that you cannot bluff call or fool them and that you might need time to get a good read on them. Also, the VIP players generally do not play bluffs. 

Instant Call

This is the easiest way to read your opponent in online poker. If there is one person at the table who instantly calls for the cards without raising the bets or placing blind bets even once in many games, know that they’re a new player and not very confident in their game. 

Donk bet

New players or under-confident players usually resort to donk betting when playing poker online. Online poker players generally play blind bets after losing a lot of money to make their opponents fold without getting them to show the cards. More often than not, the cards are usually flop. 

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These are some common tell-a-tales of knowing your opponents in online poker. Unfortunately, there is no proof that they all work with everyone. So along with these common online poker tells, you also need to keep noticing your opponents while playing with them to see some of their tells.