Is website a scam or does it really pay Bitcoins to its users ?

By Casinogurus

Is website a scam or does it really pay Bitcoins to its users?

November 9, 2022 | 896 Views

Investors can earn bitcoins and participate in weekly lottery drawings using the Online Bitcoin faucet In addition, by completing captchas, users can earn more Satoshi and Bitcoin. The website does not require new users to make initial deposits, but members can do so to earn interest on their savings by depositing Satoshi into the platform. Hosting their platform for more than 10 million registered users is an outstanding feat. However, has become the focus of speculative accusations and ridicule due to its success. Despite the ongoing criticism of certain of Free Bitcoin’s features, we will present the facts objectively and practically so that you may determine whether or not to use our platform.

What is freebitco. in? is not a Bitcoin mining, investing, or generating operation in the way we have expected it to be. Instead, they use an online Bitcoin faucet that offers games, weekly lotteries, and hourly Bitcoin earning opportunities as their platform. Since its launch in early 2013, has expanded its business into a Bitcoin destination with over 10.5 million users, over 130,000 in Bitcoin payouts, and more than 100 million monthly visits. 

How to earn from

To begin with, you must register to play; this is required (but you can easily remain anonymous). Then, you only need to enter your email address and password. After completing the captcha, click “Sign Up.” After then, you can begin rolling. As you could have guessed from our brief presentation, there are numerous ways to obtain free bitcoins on the website. Although the faucet is a classic, I recommend you concentrate on their gaming page, Multiply BTC, since you can play there more frequently. And this is where you may raise your income. Just fiddle with the parameters to boost your winning possibilities. Additionally, we recommend maintaining a balance of at least 30,000 satoshis to earn daily interest. Even though it’s not much, you can use this to generate a passive income. Additionally, you have nothing to do, so it’s much simpler than rolling anything! You can also look at their referral program as a final option. Because referring new users to FreeBitco can earn you commissions! Additionally, you could increase your passive revenue through their work.

Is Legit? is a trustworthy service, and we endorse their platform to everyone with extra time who wants to make money online. However, as this is a Bitcoin faucet, you will need to solve captchas to earn bitcoins. In addition, you should install a trustworthy anti-malware program on your PC to prevent any possible computer viruses from entering. Nevertheless, the website’s claims that everything would work are accurate. Additionally, it is simple to withdraw your money. The bitcoins may take up to 24 hours to show up in your wallet. However, you’ll receive an email with the transaction ID to ensure everything goes smoothly. So that’s what you would expect from a trustworthy company. Although things online often change quickly, We can attest to this faucet, as can millions of other users. And in 2022, you should unquestionably keep this bitcoin faucet in your portfolio. Even though the reward is not very high, you can use it to win free bitcoins if you have some spare time.

What does Offer? is well known for its faucet-based business plan, in which registered users solve and finish captchas to produce Satoshi that they can then exchange for Bitcoin. But, as well-known, their gambling platforms, where users can cash in Satoshi earnings and free tickets to increase their risk amounts, are often jeered. Prizes and Reward Points 

According to review, offer reward points that may trade for things like smartphones, camcorders, headsets, gift cards, bonuses, lottery tickets, or bitcoins. Each action made in this faucet earns users reward points:

  • Every 60 minutes, you can claim bitcoins in exchange for reward points.
  • You get reward points when you play the Hi-Lo game.
  • Users get reward points more quickly on the weekends than on other days.
  • Reward points are a remote part of Satoshi. To further boost their balance, users can convert them into Satoshi.


We want to conclude this review by saying that there are many ways to get free bitcoins, and faucets have become a trendy way for individuals to earn bitcoin. With other faucets, once the user has claimed, they frequently move on to the next one and don’t return because there is little incentive to do so, given the variety of other faucets available. However, when a user begins using regularly, they start to realize its true potential, which affects adding bitcoins more quickly than other bitcoin faucets. Furthermore, it is simple to use, including on a smartphone. We at Casinogurus, make it simple for people to choose from a big range of online casinos.