Online Casino Bonus Guide: Types of Casino Bonuses and How to Claim Them (2024)

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Online Casino Bonus Guide: Types of Casino Bonuses and How to Claim Them (2021)

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When you are into the initial venture of the beautiful world of online gambling, there’s a question that you will surely ask: what is a casino bonus? So, how do those online casino bonuses work? You should pay attention to which fine print? Which types of bonuses are the right for you, and when should you claim them?

What Is a Casino Bonus and How Do They Work?

The iGaming universe would virtually be unthinkable without online casino bonuses. If you were to give yourself to find a casino that does not offer some type of a casino bonus deal, you would not go for that casino.

In a way, casino bonuses are so popular and sought-after that online casinos keep trying to come up with different ways of attracting players, mixing bonuses up also improving their standard bonus packages, and adding their already existing casino bonus offers with Extra Spins or other exclusive deals – only to stand out amongst other casinos.

Online Casino Bonuses Explained

What is a casino bonus? 

A casino bonus is an incentive offered by an online casino to bring new players, keep old players involved in their brand and, in both instances, boost your gameplay with extra funds.

However, if a casino bonus sounds too good to be true, it’s because it comes with specific caveats. Here it’s good to remember the term “wagering requirements” or your number one requirement that determines how and if you’ll be able to use your bonus winnings.

Which Types of Casino Bonuses Are Available?

While bonuses can be classified according to various criteria, the most common types of bonuses you can find at an online casino are the following:

  • No Deposit Bonuses
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Extra Spins
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Cashback Bonuses
  • High-Roller Bonuses
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Birthday Bonuses
  • Exclusive Bonuses

What Do I Need to Pay Attention? Casino Bonus Tips and Strategy

Once you’ve decided to dip your toes in the vast ocean that are casino bonuses, it’s essential to keep specific information in mind. We’ll gladly share all our casino bonus tips with you.

There is a long list of rules and terms attached to bonuses which you need to be aware of at all times to successfully make use of casino bonuses and not be labeled a bonus abuser. Today, we’ll be going over all the essential bonus terminology that will help you understand bonuses better, how they work, and how you can use them to their fullest potential.

All About Bonus Size, Maximum Bet, Bonus Percentage, and Maximum Cashout Amount

For starters, it’s essential to know bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. The truth of it is: you can always find one that will satisfy your needs and budget best. Despite high-roller bonuses to high-rollers, there’s a bonus with your name on it, and it shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket that easily. 

Still, there is a typical form a casino bonus will usually take. Often a bonus – especially a match deposit bonus – will be shown through a standard “bonus formula.” 

Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions Carefully

Let’s underline this one more time: apart from being familiar with an online casino’s overall Terms and Conditions, you also need to be aware of the bonus’s specific Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve made your deposit and accepted the bonus in question, you’re in, and you can’t go back. You’ve effectively said, “yes, I’ve thoroughly read the bonus Terms and Conditions, so I know all there is to know about this offer, and I agree to everything listed there, fine print and all.”

So, make sure you do that. Read through the bonus Terms and Conditions carefully. Various conditions may affect your bonus and potential withdrawals, so be clear that you’ve understood everything written in the Terms, and if you don’t, just contact them on live chat or email. The smaller the print, the more vital it is you completely grasp its meaning. (Better safe than sorry, right?)

Welcome Bonus a.k.a. Sign-Up Bonus

The welcome bonus, or sign-up bonus, is, without a doubt, one of the most prevalent options for both new players and gambling experts alike. Instead of just saying “hello” and welcoming you to their midst, a casino may offer you a number of credits that you can use to boost your gameplay upon signing up.

Extra Spins (Previously Known as Free Spins)

While this particular bonus is usually referred to as “Free Spins”, it is anything but, which is why we prefer referring to it as Extra Spins or Bonus Spins. Plus, there’s the topic of wagering requirements here, too, so the term “free” indeed does not work.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are also an enjoyable way for casinos to award their returning players for their unchecked loyalty. If you’ve previously made a deposit at a casino, you are now ready for a reload bonus. 

However, it’s important to note that specific reload bonuses will be fully compatible with a single type of deposit method. So, be assured that your deposit method of choice fits the reload bonus you’re about to claim. Remember how to verify whether your deposit method is compatible with the bonus you’re eyeing? Remember, Terms and Conditions are your go-to source of information always.

Cashback Bonus

This is a bonus that vouches to reward you for your losses is truly fantasy fulfilled. 

Naturally, as it is with all casino bonuses, there are things to keep in mind. For instance, not all cashback bonuses will work in the same way. Some will offer you money back with little to no limitations; others will give you bonus money, which you’ll only be able to use on specific online slots.

Some cashback bonuses will need to be used in a short period after you’ve experienced your losses and, should you fail to do so, will no higher be up for the taking. Consult the Terms, and you’ll be a-okay.

High-Roller Bonus

High-roller bonuses are always an attractive concept in the world of online gambling. Still, the truth stands: high-roller bonuses are reserved for players willing to bet large quantities only.

Naturally, if you’re a high-roller seeking high-limit betting games, you’ll be rewarded accordingly. Casinos enjoy dealing with whales and will even encourage high-rollers with unique bonuses, comp points, and exclusive deals.

Loyalty Bonus

A lot of casinos nowadays offer some type of loyalty schemes, but the great thing about loyalty bonuses is that they usually don’t come with many restrictions like your regular run-of-the-mill bonuses. Loyalty schemes are often gamified. A loyalty bonus will be offered to players who have been playing at a casino for a specified period. If you’re recognized as their loyal customer, you might be rewarded with a loyalty bonus.

Loyalty bonuses are not tied into a single deposit but will be stretched over multiple deposits until you’re eligible for such a deal. It’s important to note that loyalty bonuses will sometimes be done discreetly, through personal communication with the casino.

However, you might also find info on them in the casino’s Terms and Conditions, too, attached to words like “VIP scheme,” “Loyalty Program,” or “Loyalty Scheme.”

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses are also called as an invite-a-friend bonus or refer-a-friend bonus. If you refer a friend to a casino and they sign up through you, you’ll be awarded a certain amount of bonus credits as a thank you.

Just like it is with most bonus deals, refer-a-friend bonuses differ from one another. 

Birthday Bonus

It is usually rewarded on your birthday. Much like it is the case with referral bonuses, birthday bonuses will not be the same in every casino. You might receive More Spins, a no deposit bonus, or even some coupon codes. However, the prerequisite for receiving a birthday bonus is that you’ve previously deposited at the said casino. 

Exclusive Bonus

 Exclusive bonuses are tailor-made bonuses: bonuses created with a special someone in mind, or more precisely, members of a particular community, most often an affiliate website like us. So we have an exclusive deal for bonuses. Check here.

Almost Done… But Not Quite!

When you are into the initial venture of the beautiful world of online gambling, there’s a question that you will surely ask: what is a casino bonus? So, how do those online casino bonuses work? You should pay attention to which fine print? Which types of bonuses are the right for you, and when should you claim them?