How to Cheat Online Casinos?- Best Tips and Strategies

By Casinogurus

Online Casino Cheat Sheet: How to Cheat Online Casino

March 11, 2021 | 1651 Views

There are plenty of theories about playing at a casino, and some of them point out that they’re unbeatable and should be avoided altogether. On the other hand, other ideas claim that casino games may be challenging, but they’re not impossible to beat.

No matter how you’d like to look at it, though, there’s always some form of strategy that may raise the odds, even if it’s by a few percent. We can learn from history that a few players have taken the rules into their own hands and have exploited casinos by taking advantage of their weaknesses.

Bonus Abuse

The most popular and probably most straightforward way to cheat an online casino is to abuse their signup bonus offer. Some gamblers might say that this isn’t even cheating. You can take advantage of the bonus unless you meet the terms and conditions. When you sign up, the casino offers you an incentive to sign up. These are in the form of free chips or credit, usually expressed as a percentage of your deposit. These bonuses are divided into two types, cashable and non-cashable. A cashable bonus can be cashed out once you’ve met the casino’s wagering requirements. One cannot cash out a non-cashable bonus. Non-cashable bonuses can further be sub-divided into sticky bonuses and non-sticky bonuses.

For example: You deposit $500 and claim your $500 bonus. You play until you’ve hit $70,000, which is the wagering requirement. Now, you have $2000 left in your account. If there is a cashable bonus, you can cash out the entire $2000. Here, you’ve made a profit. You started with $500, and you cashed out $2000 for a $1500 profit. If there is a non-cashable bonus, you can only cash out $500. If there is a phantom bonus, the other $1000 will disappear from your account, leaving you with a $0 or NO balance. If there is a sticky bonus, though, you could cash out the $500 and play with the $1000 again.

Some gamblers are smart enough to realize that their expected loss would be low enough to ensure a statistical profit if they play the fair games with the right strategies.

Hacking and Stealing:

A hacker is a gambler who uses software vulnerabilities of the online casino to cheat. A hacker could go into the system and grant himself credits. Or he could modify the expectations for the games to ensure that he won. A hacker can get money from an online casino to guess a username and password for another player and withdraw cash from their casino account. This is probably a more convenient and more popular method of cheating an online casino via hacking. Most online casinos have excellent safety measures in place to prevent such things, but I assume it’s reasonable to cheat an online casino this way. Another way someone dishonest might cheat an online casino would be to steal someone else’s credit card or payment data and use it to play the games at the casino.

This is harder for online casinos to battle, but it’s also prevented in part by their security rules in place. They have security staff in a place whose jobs are to look for patterns that might show this kind of deception. If you are busted while doing any of these evil means of cheating an online casino, you could face some severe legal difficulties.


In the world of online gambling, collusion is when you sit at a virtual poker table with a friend of yours or friends and share knowledge about what cards you’re holding. This gives you an edge over the other gamblers at the table because you have more information in your direction. Winning while colluding at an online casino table still requires enough knowledge to play well. Just having more data than your opponents isn’t enough to secure a win for you. You also need to put that knowledge to use to increase your odds of winning.

Furthermore, poker websites have serious security in place to prevent this kind of action. They also look for unusual patterns of behavior. Other choices you’d make at the table might be less complex, but the poker sites are smart enough to notice these patterns. We don’t support colluding in online poker rooms. In such a case, you need to feel even worse about your behavior, too. Instead of taking money from an online casino, you’re taking money from your fellow players.

Account cloning (multi-accounts)

Players clone their accounts to get additional first deposit bonuses. The account verification and ID confirmation aim to create barriers to players who make multiple accounts using various registration data. While the Russian casinos have already experienced the ineffectiveness of such conditions, the Western allies still require a standard package of papers. Casinos need your photo next to your ID. So beating online casinos becomes much more difficult. But, one may easily bypass the ID confirmation.

One of our testers started a genuinely ambitious cheating online casino activity, thus earning money. He placed an advertisement about recruitment in a local newspaper. You had to carry a photocopy of your ID for the interview, and then you were asked to fill out a survey and wait for a callback in case you’re qualified. Using this data, he created accounts at casinos, thereby getting $50 no deposit bonuses. Then he lost each bonus, placing 5 bets, and was repeating the same system. When the slot gave out a huge win, he worked the wagering requirements using the rewards and withdrawing the winnings on a unique payment system.

Because he was hiding his IP using a VPN service and the MAC address, the casino has no legal pretext to close his account. As a result, he made about $30000 within ten days, after which the casino removed the no deposit bonus program. Even if the bonus plan is disabled in the country where you reside, it is simple to select the IP address of the country in which the bonus runs and register an account. But this alternative would require providing the records from that country. Fearing that players will apply such cheating strategies, the casinos close their bonus programs for players from certain countries.


Most players don’t know how to cheat at online casinos because it’s almost impracticable for the average person to pull this off. Casinos pay millions of dollars industry-wide to restrict players from cheating them out of money. Methods of cheating are usually just fraudulent and deceptive. We wouldn’t have much respect for someone who took another gambler’s credit card or for someone who cheated at poker by colluding with other players. So Play Hard and Play Safe!