Online Casino Scams: How to Avoid them

By Casinogurus

Online Casino Scams: How to Avoid them

September 21, 2022 | 1068 Views

Online casinos are generally trustworthy, but unfortunately, a small number of deceitful guys spoil it for everyone. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced a lot of casino fraud over the years and today. We’ll share some of them with you. We’ll also show you how to stay away from them. Scam casinos will make life unbearable for you. In the worst circumstances, it involves more than merely losing a deposit. Unfortunately, some truly evil people run rogue casinos. You’ll find that these online casino scams try to trick you in a variety of ways. They all ultimately aim to steal your hard-earned money, though. So, what are online casino scams? How can you avoid them? Let us explain it to you.

Online Casino Scams 

Knowing the basic online casino scams is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe. Of course, you don’t need to be familiar with every con; there are many. But in the long run, it can be helpful to be aware of the most common scams.

1. Absolute Deposit Theft

It refers to the most typical online casino scam. Although each casino scam has a unique execution method, this is most casino scams’ goal. The phrase “deposit theft” is accurate. After tempting you to put money, the casino blocks you from getting your money back. Then, when you join and sign up, the casino either shuts your account or freezes it and requires you to pass countless hurdles before reactivating it. Then, when you try to receive answers, the customer service staff stalls you or neglects you. If the deposits are low, these operators know that most customers will become frustrated and give up. How likely are you to search for a $20 for days and weeks? Time is money, and sometimes it’s best to cut your losses. However, more extensive deposit thefts may infuriate most players, who will push to recover their money or make the casino suffer by damaging its reputation. Therefore, these online casinos don’t continue as long, and the owners continually close sites, relocate to other offshore nations, and launch new companies to carry out the scam.

2. Rigged Games

This casino scam is not too complex. Companies run rigged games that temporarily let you win but ultimately drain all of your money.  Most people who regularly play online or work in online gambling are familiar with the shady casino software companies that provide rigged games. Unfortunately, respected casinos don’t cooperate with them, and reputable casino software providers often avoid cooperating with those that do. It’s crucial to remember that since it’s the first step in avoiding rigged games. Scam casinos have realized this; as a result, they now provide pirated versions of usually legal games. Because they are replicas of the original games with modified code to cheat you, they are much harder to notice with the untrained eye, So Always seek the casino’s RTP and confirm that it has a valid license to be on the safe side. Licensed casinos frequently assign third-party organizations to verify their declared RTPs so that you can play with confidence.

3. Identity Theft

Online casinos use account freezing, which suspends your account until you submit your id or proof of address, as well as direct credit card information theft to clone your credit card and steal your money, to commit identity theft. Of course, reputable online casinos must follow KYC procedures and anti-money laundering laws and request that you upload identification. However, it is allowed to threaten to freeze your account to force you to submit proof of identification, so be sure to only play at reputable online casinos that are, if at all possible, headquartered in nations with rules against data theft are strictly enforced.

4. Malware

Casino scams go beyond deposit theft and are far more intricate and deadly than tricking you out of a few dozen dollars. Instead, we’re referring to malware, a category of a computer program that can irreparably harm your device. Malware can be a minor source of irritation, such as slowing down your device, or a huge source of worry, such as the ability to damage all of your data. Unfortunately, it’s usually too late to undo your actions once you’ve downloaded malware-infected software; in most cases, an online casino will start blocking your device and demand payment, typically in the form of untraceable cryptocurrency, to allow you to keep your files private. The best way to avoid malware-based online casino scams is to avoid downloading any software you aren’t sure is safe.

How to Avoid Scams at Online Casinos

As you can see, some blacklisted online casinos can operate various casino system scams, from identity theft and deposit theft to the insertion of malware or game rigging. So, look for warning indications of a dishonest casino before signing up with a gaming website. Here is a helpful checklist that you should follow before opening an account at a casino to avoid online casino scams:

  • Check for licenses – Always make sure an online casino has a legal license before visiting its site. If not, find another that follows the rules different from your own and move on.

  • Don’t download suspicious applications  Casino apps might be created by a rogue casino or contain malware, so avoid downloading them unless you are sure they are safe.

  • Research – It’s crucial to do your study and research casinos. Consider sticking with casinos with reviews on specific sites and researching what other players have to say about them.

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Conclusion :

We don’t want to avert you from playing online casinos or convince you that you’ll probably be scammed. The truth is that you can take precautions to essentially erase the chance of being scammed. After reading this, you are better aware of the most usual online casino scams. We advise sticking with reputable online casinos with a track record of paying winnings fairly. You can play casino games online happily for years to come if you follow those two instructions and use common sense. It will help you avoid all online casino scams.