Online Slots Advantage Play: Methodology and How to make Profit?

By Casinogurus

Online Slots Advantage Play: Methodology and How to make Profit?

May 4, 2022 | 1137 Views

Online slots already provide a more helpful deal than land-based slot machines. The average online slot gives around 96% RTP compared to land-based machines, 93%. The following blog discusses whether or not online slots advantage play is possible. It also covers some essential advice you can use to win more money.

Gaining Edge in Online Slots

Online slots might seem totally random and entirely based on luck. However, a few models exist where you can keep an edge. The point is that it is theoretically feasible to gain an advantage over the Casino. Similarly, once you find an edge, you can make speculative profits.

Online Slots Advantage Play Methods

Many advantage gambling opportunities exist with mobile slots. While these methods may be discreet, they have been successfully used to earn money.

Look for Glitches

Slots developers take great pains to guarantee that their games are mathematically accurate. They want random results that, over a period, match the stated RTP.

Use Bonuses with High-Paying Slots

Most online casinos offer bonuses. You can typically enjoy a large bonus when you initially sign up and make your first deposit. However, you can combine favorable deals with high-paying slots in some cases. The result is that you’ll enjoy theoretical profits. In addition, many online casinos restrict specific slots to qualify for bonuses. These limitations can mean that a slot is entirely ineligible or features a higher rollover.

Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots with Over 100% RTP

Online Progressive slots feature base RTP when the pot is first seeded. E.g., a progressive game might offer 92% payback when the highest prize is seeded. Another problem is knowing when a progressive slot provides over 100% RTP. You have to guess by looking for prizes that have grown far past their starting value.

Making Ultimate Profits with Online Slots

Guaranteed online slots profits are challenging to come by. These games are the big winners for mobile casinos, which means they need to give the house an edge. This scenario is only feasible when you find a glitch and manipulate it repeatedly before the Casino realizes it. The bonus rounds won’t provide large winnings. At best, you’ll technically win a few hundred dollars if the terms are appropriate enough. You can win money through slots using one of the 3 methods covered here. Of course, you also need to be practical about your chances to earn profits.

Other Methods for Advantage Play Slot Games

Instead of Online casinos, there are other places where you can achieve an edge through slots. Land-based casinos also offer the following routes for making money with slot machines.

Banking Slots

A banking slot sees you work towards unlocking a bonus. Typically, it would help if you collected scatter symbols throughout the play. This setup is different from regular slot machines, where you usually must land 3 symbols in a single spin to earn the bonus. Mainly, you want to look for accumulator machines where the prize is about to trigger. For example, if you need 20 scatter symbols to unlock the feature, you might have a theoretical advantage when 17-18 scatter symbols have been collected.

Mystery Jackpot Slot Machines

A mystery jackpot slot pays its highest prize at a specific amount. The goal is to look for available machines with jackpots about to deliver. You won’t find many mystery jackpot slots about to hit like banking machines. It would be best to jump on them to get a theoretical advantage when you do.

List of the Top 3 Online Casinos with the best slots

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Betway Casino – Up to $1800 welcome bonus.


Online slots Advantage play is possible. However, it still needs a lot of effort and random chance. You may be able to gain an edge with enough work, but you could quickly lose money, just like any other player. If you want a gentle way to gain an advantage, We suggest combining bonuses with high-paying slots. At least this way, you won’t lose much if things don’t go your way.