Reasons why gamblers prefer crypto as a payment method

By Casinogurus

Reasons why gamblers prefer crypto as a payment method

October 27, 2021 | 1378 Views

Cryptocurrency has shaken the gambling industry. As a result, many gamblers and casino operatives have shifted their focus to the latest form of currency. With the currency invention, we suppose the gambling market will reach its destination. In extension, the ease of this payment method has fueled the extension of online casinos and sports betting. Players are always suspicious of sharing their banking information. However, things have evolved as they only need a crypto location to deposit and withdraw their wins. In addition, the mode of payment is safe, and gamblers can track their financial accounts when the need arises.

Safe Transactions

Safety is a preference in the gambling industry. Casinos deal with a critical amount of money, making them top victims for cyber criminals. It is said that a cyberattack happens every minute. Crypto has rolled out such cases in online casinos and sports betting websites where gamblers win or lose their money. The crypto wallet has an 8-digit pin, including uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and characters, making it difficult to hack.

Fast Transactions

Fast deposits and withdrawals attract players. Casino operators have covered Crypto to gain more consumers. Cryptocurrency prepares its transactions faster compared to other traditional methods of payment. With Crypto, it only takes moments for money to reflect your crypto wallet. However, popular payment methods such as Visa, and e-Wallets could take 3-5 days to send wins into your account. Cryptocurrency is endless; therefore, gamblers do not have to change it to their currency. Blockchain technology has made it feasible for gamblers to experience fast actions.


It is a no-brainer that players love their independence and privacy these days. When Sports Betting and online casino sites covered Crypto, their popularity expanded. The anonymity has helped gamblers to play without revealing their identity. Some countries have considered gambling illegal. Players in those countries can breathe in relief as Crypto has made it possible to experience their favorite games. With a crypto wallet address, it is feasible to place a bet and cash out winnings. Government can oversee gambler’s transactions as Crypto leaves no trace.

Low Transaction Costs

We can hardly expect the popularity of traditional methods of payment such as credit cards and e-Wallets. Yet, their power can be challenged as some charge members whenever they need to deposit or withdraw their winnings. Crypto has offered a solution by ironing out the substantial transaction fees when using conventional payment methods. Third parties that contributed to huge costs when buying are now incapable. Bettors using Cryptocurrency are likely to pay 1% or less when withdrawing their earnings. Using some Cryptocurrencies, drawing $1000 could only cost $10.

Access To More Gambling Platforms

Many gambling platforms that operate in deregulated markets have adopted Cryptocurrency. The peer-to-peer network has made it feasible to connect directly with consumers. Gamblers in countries that have considered gambling as illegal can now access various stages and wager anonymously. Gamblers have at times faced trading laws that made it challenging to bet on their favorite games. In addition, players could get asked about their source of income. With Cryptocurrency, no matter how much money a gambler wins, it is transferred into the crypto wallet with no issues.


Casino operatives and sports betting site owners have realized that decentralization is managed by the bottom-up approach to managing a business by delegating power among customers. As a result, today, gamblers feel empowered to work and commit to the system. Big Corporates such as Facebook and Google have made public headlines due to trust breaches in the system. With Crypto, gamblers contribute to the operation with zero trust issues. As a result, Crypto casinos have reduced the risk of system failure. In addition, the user confidence introduced by Crypto has brought millennials and generation Z into the gambling world.

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