What is Mini Roulette- Big Wins in a Small Package?

By Casinogurus

What is Mini Roulette- Big Wins in a Small Package?

March 16, 2022 | 1359 Views

European and American roulette get all the attention. These games have been everywhere for centuries and are well-known. However, the newer mini roulette option is gradually gaining fame in online casinos thanks to its smaller, cuter wheel and betting odds. If you’re looking to widen your horizons, you can learn more about this thrilling tiny version below.

What is Mini Roulette?

The roulette world goes beyond the famous French, European, or American variants. The mini roulette game has nothing to do with the store-bought version for residential use. Instead, we’re talking about a real money play that you may stumble upon at some online gambling sites and land-based casinos. This game is renowned for its mini roulette wheel and table. It features 13 pockets (0–12) rather than 36 or 37 spots that its more significant variants have. As a result, you have rarer betting options on the tiny table, but you’ll enjoy higher odds of winning.

Mini Roulette Rules

Despite its particular wheel, mini roulette plays mostly the same as usual variations. You must bet on one or more pockets, wait for the ball to land, and decide your fate. The objective, as always, is to wager on the winning number. However, mini roulette usually includes a unique “la partage” rule that pays half the amount back on losing bets when the roulette ball lands on 0. So if you bet $10 on red/black and the ball ends up on 0, for example, you’ll get $5 back. With la partage in action, the house edge is cut in half, dropping from 7.7% to just 3.85%.

Mini Roulette Gameplay

You can play the mini roulette game online in 5 easy steps. If you have ever played any other variant, you’ll have no trouble getting started with this tiny version.

Buy In to Get Some Chips

You can start by depositing with an available banking method at your favorite online casino. Later, you’ll have real-money chips to bet on the mini roulette table.

Place Your Bets

Put your money in one or more digits. The software will demonstrate where you can place wagers.

Spin the Wheel

Press the Spin button once satisfied with your bets. The ball and wheel will begin rotating.

Win or Lose

The ball will land into a pocket and decide if you win or lose. The software will reveal your payout for a successful bet.

Let It Ride or Change Your Wagers

You can play the same bets or change things up once a round ends. You’ll follow the above steps again if you decide to change your bet.

Mini-Roulette Odds & Payouts

This tiny roulette variant has fewer pockets, so it doesn’t offer the same big payouts as other more complex variations. However, it still delivers substantial wins when you get it right. 

Mini Roulette Strategy & Tips

Play for free first!

It is essential to test this game in practice before using real money. The different laws mean that a Mini roulette strategy will be very distinct from what you’re used to.

Avoid the zero bet

There is a generous rule seeing 50% of your bets returned on individual digits when a zero comes in. But, of course, it doesn’t apply when you bet on zero! So that means any chances covering zero have a high house advantage of 7.7%.

Beware the house edge

That might sound contradicting when telling you how amazing this game is. However, keep in mind that Mini roulette has a house edge almost 3 times that of French roulette. So even though it’s great fun and easy to play, don’t forget about this surprising house edge.

Take benefit of mobile play

All games, including various roulette titles, can feel cluttered on smartphones and tablets. It can end up being way too easy to make clumsy mistakes. However, if you’re happy playing roulette on the move, this variant is fantastic for avoiding fiddly controls and getting payouts wherever you may be!

Where can you play Mini Roulette Online?

Online casinos with Online Mini Roulette are few and far between. This unique, compact variant is fun to play but hasn’t taken off yet. Unfortunately, US players will have difficulty finding real money Mini Roulette online with its limited availability. We’ve looked far and broad and haven’t found a good option yet. Below are the best online casino sites based on our extensive reviews. Each one offers different variants of the game.


Mini roulette isn’t as extensively available as the American and European wheels. Nevertheless, if you locate a table, it offers a unique experience. Even if you decide to pass on this game, there are many other entertaining online roulette variations at the top-rated casino sites.