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Why are slot machines called pokies and not slots?

February 29, 2020 | 1805 Views

If you’re visiting an online casino from anywhere other than Australia, you may be wondering what the hell we are on about when we talk about “the pokies.” Pokies is an Aussie slang word for slot machines, but the two terms mean the same thing. For new players, this raises the question of possible differences between the two. In reality, both ”pokies” and ”slot machines” are the same.

What exactly is a Pokie?

In Australia and New Zealand, Pokie is a Slot Machine. The term is guessed to come from the ‘pok’ in poker machine and has evolved into the slang word ‘Pokie.’ No matter what they are called, pokies and slots both provide players with exceptional opportunities to win money. When gamblers are looking for a big win on Pokies, they probably choose an online casino that offers progressive slots.

Why “Pokies”?

You must be wondering: ”Why pokie?” That’s a fascinating question, and one explanation is that it’s quite common in Australian culture to shorten many words in common usage. So that would perhaps explain why a casino poker machine, for example, might eventually become known as a pokie. Over time, the term may then have been used more widely, thus being used for slot games in general rather than poker slots in particular.

If you take a look at the Urban Dictionary when you don’t know a word, well, this isn’t going to help you here. When the Aussies say pokies, they arent using a slang word for jail, female body part, a cigarette, or nipples poking through a shirt.

Online Pokies and Slot Machines

The very slot machines and pokies had a basic three-reel slot design. Gamblers had the choice of a single payline for every spin. Occasionally this would be extended to three or five paylines. But after video pokies came into existence, these choices were expanded. Now there were many more options available for paying with maximum payline sequences so-called fixed payline slot option.

In modern times these slots are now All Ways and All Pays Pokie slots. This new gaming option is found in every gameplay environment, which means that the players can access any payline combination the reels can deliver. This maximizes the chances of winning each time the player spins the reels.

While choosing pokies or slots, there are many things to consider. First is the software that is used in the online casino. Gamblers should always play at a casino that uses software that has an excellent reputation. Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Aristocrat are some of the most renowned gambling software that has created some of the best slots. Pokies are the most popular games in online casinos for players from Australia, and these games can be found at the top-rated casino sites.

Online slots and Pokies can also be played at home. Players have access to the best titles and can play the latest games that are popular all around the world.

Thie biggest attraction to any Pokie is the chance or opportunity to get lucky and get into some real money, and preferably some significant slot game jackpot payout. With the latest progressive jackpots, gamblers can now try their luck on random progressive jackpot pokies and even choose the stake value they wish to play.

Synonyms for Pokies and slot machines from all around the world

Australians are not the only ones to confuse people with their nicknames for slot machines. Some of these variants are common (not so common) nicknames for slot machines.

  • Slots
  • Slot machines
  • Poker machines
  • Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM)
  • Gaming Machines
  • Fruit Machines
  • Fruities
  • One-Armed Bandits
  • Puggies
  • AWP Machines (Amusement with prizes)
  • Fixed Odds Betting Terminal (FOBT)
  • Tragamonedas (Spanish for coin swallowers)
  • Standups
  • Penny slots
  • Mangiasoldi (Italian for the machines that eat money)
  • Cardies

Other than different names, there is no difference between pokies and slots. Got another slang term for slot machines? We would love to hear it.

Whether players enjoy slots or pokies, they will be accessing the same games. The latest online casinos will provide the best accessible games as well as new releases so that the players will always be entertained and have something new and exciting when they visit their favorite online casino site. Since online pokies and slots are easy to play and very much affordable, they attract a large number of players who look forward to enjoying great casino action and win awesome prizes.