Your Ultimate Guide to Online Poker Bots in 2024

By Casinogurus

Your Ultimate Guide to Online Poker Bots in 2024

December 21, 2022 | 1191 Views

Each year sees an exponential rise in technology. We have frequently questioned if poker bots are profitable, and we have figured out the game, making humans irrelevant. Here are our research findings, which we completed. Technology has become a third hand to humans. While we use technology to make our lives easier, some technologies make earning money easy. One such exciting new world technology is online poker bots.

What are online poker bots?

Online poker bots or robots are generally AI software people use to play at online casinos. You can monitor or play the game with online poker bots during that time. The bots play on your behalf, while you can keep checking occasionally. It enables players to multitask and earn money through online poker. Online poker bots are not just automated software that allows people to play, but some of the best online poker bots can track their opponents’ moves, plan the game according to it and play the hands to beat them. Online poker bots have become very popular recently. 

How are online poker bots made?

Online poker bots come in two different types. One is pre-programmed software that allows you to play online poker by clicking on your preferred table; bots will do the rest. The other one is software that allows you to control how you want it. 

Pros & Cons of online poker bots

As much as online poker bots are unethical, they are also very logical from the winning point of view. 

Pros of online poker bots:  

1. You don’t need to be a strategic poker player: while playing with online poker bots, the players can be more strategic or good at playing poker. Online poker bots usually carry on the game without the players intervening. 

2. No breaks: on playing with online poker bots, you can play longer hours without breaks. You can continue your day while the bot plays and wins more money for you. 

3. Access to multiple tables: using online poker bots, the players can play at numerous tables simultaneously and double their earnings without hassle. 

4. More VIP rewards: When you play poker using online poker bots, you are likely likely to get more VIP rewards than usual. 

Cons of using online poker bots: 

1. Operating a successful bot requires a lot of work: Playing poker using successful online bots involves a lot of work and much more in-depth information about how online poker bots work. Either the players need to buy such bots or create one themself. 

2. No guarantee of a win: There is no guarantee of success while playing with online player bots because they are automated and make calculated moves; hence there is no chance of taking risks and hitting the jackpot.  

3. Getting banned from the sites: If the online poker sites realize that you’re using a poker bot, they might deny you and block your IP. So while playing with online poker bots seems beneficial, it is also hazardous, and the consequences are pretty harsh. 

4. Immorality: The morality quotient while playing with online poker bots is negligible; hence, it is immoral. Playing with online poker bots is as good as cheating on your opponents. 

Are online poker bots profitable?

While using poker bots, people need to know that these tools are profitable. Reading poker players can also help you to make money playing online poker. A poker bot’s profitability depends on the AI you use and the level of leniency offered by the poker site. Some online poker sites have strict rules against botting, which may result in confiscating your account and banning or blocklisting you. 

Are online poker bots illegal?

Online poker bots might feel illegal, but surprisingly they are not. There are no legalities regarding online poker bots. However, most poker sites take strict action to find that the players are using online poker bots. So, online poker bots might not be illegal, but when caught, you can lose all your earnings if the site bans and blocks your account. 

Detecting online poker bots

Playing against online poker bots and recognizing them takes work, as programmers these days have become better. But here are some signs you should consider while looking out for playing against an online poker bot. 

1. Random instant decisions: If you find someone making spontaneous decisions without thinking more than once, you are dealing with an online poker bot. 

2. Playing ridiculously long sessions: If you see that a player has been playing for extremely long hours, and I mean exceptionally long, like overnight, then there is a high chance that it is an online poker bot. 

3. Non-adapting: If you are playing with someone for a long time at a table and you see that the opponent is non-adapting and continues to make the same decisions in the same situations, then there is a high chance that you are up against an online poker bot. 

4. Folding over small bets: No poker player would fold their bets for a small amount, even if their cards are not worth it. But when you are up against an online poker bot, they usually tend to fold their cards no matter how mall their bets are if their cards are flopping.  

How do casinos detect online poker bots?

Online poker bots have been trending too much recently, reaching the eyes of poker sites, and they have started being aware of the players using online poker bots to play and win more. Here is how the sites detect online poker bets. 

1. There are various software’s to detect longer playing sessions or the changing of IP address mid-play. 

2. Some might rely on the reports or feedback given by the players after a game. 

3. Assigning employees to manage the tables that seem suspicious of botting.

Future of online poker bots 

As much as online player bots are getting popular, there is still a long way to go for them to dominate the market. Online poker bots can only play lower rounds without getting detected, and that in itself is proof enough of them being a threat not until far later in the future. 

Top 5 online poker bots to download

Below is a list of the top 5 bots to download while playing poker online: 

1. PPP Poker Bot – PPP poker bot is user-friendly; hence, new users face no difficulty while playing with this bot. This poker bot has an excellent user interface. 

2. MTT Poker Bot – MTT poker bot is one of the best bots to play higher stakes and bigger tournaments. This poker bot can also change tables easily. 

3. Pocket 52 Poker Bot – Poker 52 can is another excellent bot for playing cash and micro-limit games. This poker bot can identify the tables and start playing on your behalf. 

4. Pokering Poker Bot – Pokering is one of the best bots for cash games. This poker bot can also adjust according to its opponents on the table. 

5. GGPoker Poker Bot – GGPoker is another powerful bot you can use to win deep stacks and micro stack games. This poker bot can also alter its opponents’ actions by freezing them. 

Many other online poker bots can adapt to the style of their opponents and can change their style according to them, so they do not feel programmed. 


Online poker bots are here to stay, no matter how immoral they feel. Multiple software can quickly detect online poker bots in the game. Playing poker with a bot is beneficial but worth more risk than profit. But that doesn’t change the fact that player bots are here to stay and will evolve in the future.