Roulette Online Guide (2024)



Are you looking for a Roulette game that is easy to understand and needs next to no training? Here are all the things you need to know while playing Roulette. You’re in luck because Roulette is featured on almost every online casino. 

In Roulette, the players choose to place bets on a single number or groupings of numbers or the colors red or black. Players need to choose the best numbers in Roulette to win.

There are two types of Roulette Games:

European Roulette has red, black, and green slots. It is numbered from 1 to 36. Here only one slot is dedicated for 0. So only one green slot is present.

American Roulette consists of red, green, and black colored slots. It has two slots for zero. Red slots and black slots are numbered from 1 to 36.

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How to play?

A small ball is thrown into a roulette wheel. Players are supposed to bet on the numbered slots where the ball can land. They can bet on multiple niches. But a bet on a lesser number of slots is always preferable. The amount the ball falls on is the winning number. All of the bets are then judged accordingly. There are several types of bets and payouts. But the rules must be followed. 

The dealer collects the losing bets, while the winning bets are paid out to the players.

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Players can enjoy a variety of online roulette game types such as:

  1. French Roulette
  2. Mini Roulette
  3. Multiball Roulette
  4. Multi Wheel Roulette
  5. 3D Roulette
  6. Roulette Royal 
  7. Pinball Roulette

Casino Roulette Tips 

1) Place Your Bets on the Roulette Table

The first thing you’ll need to do while playing online Roulette is to decide where you’d like to place your bets. 

2) Click on ‘Spin’ to proceed and spin the wheel

Once you decide where to place the bet, go ahead and press ‘Spin.’ As soon as you’ve done this, the virtual dealer will spin the Roulette wheel.

3) Wait for the Outcome

The next step is to wait for the outcome. The winner will be paid out according to the paytable.

Tips to find the best online roulette casino:

  1. Before Signing -Up, browse the games section of the Roulette: Before signing up to an online casino and depositing, you should have a look at the casino’s collection of Online Roulette games. Now, the selection of Roulette games isn’t merely limited to European Roulette and American Roulette; there are also plenty of other variants too. Sometimes live casinos even offer Live Roulette for players to be able to enjoy the ultimate gambling experience without having to travel.
  2. Look for the best online Roulette Bonus: Always take advantage of the online casino bonuses offered by the casino. This leads you to play for longer, which possibly makes you win a huge amount eventually.
  3. Choose a Secure and Fair site: Another essential factor to consider while playing online Roulette is site security. Always read about the casino’s licensing, safety measures, and payout percentage before signing up and depositing. 
  4. The site must allow cross-compatible Games: If you are the one who likes to play games on multiple platforms, you must check if the website is allowing you the compatibility with the cross-platform or not.