Cointiply Review 2024: Is Cointiply Safe?


Cointiply Review 2024: Is Cointiply Safe?

Cryptocurrency faucets are similar to passive income apps as they require daily running, and over time, you can accumulate a considerable amount of earnings. For example, Cointiply, a Bitcoin faucet, claims to have paid out more than $700,000 since 2018 and received positive press coverage. Our team has reviewed Cointiply to verify if you can earn real Bitcoin. In this Cointiply Bitcoin faucet review, we will discuss its functionality, earning potential, and whether it is worthwhile.

Mobile Platforms Supported


Loyalty is boosted to 100% every time you log in Earn reward points by completing tasks Cash in reward points for real prizes. Withdraw your coins any time Earn interest of 5% on your coin balance


1. Global accessibility
2. A wide range of earning options
3. Low cashout requirements
4. Chance to get lucky
5. Option to cash out with cryptocurrency or PayPal money
5. Less payout threshold


1. Very low hourly earnings
2. Limited transparency in online reviews
3. No free gift card options are available

Cointiply Payment Methods

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What Is Cointiply?

Cointiply is a website that combines a Bitcoin faucet with a GPT (get-paid-to) site. The way Bitcoin faucets work is by giving users a chance to win a random amount of Satoshi coins at specific time intervals. Cointiply allows you to earn free Satoshi coins by rolling a random number, which determines the coins you receive once per hour. In addition to the faucet, Cointiply provides other ways to earn on the GPT side of the platform while you wait for your faucet to replenish for the next roll.

Is Cointiply Safe?

The most commonly asked question is cointiply safe? cointiply is real or fake? is legit? And the answer is yes; Cointiply is a legitimate GPT website with numerous positive reviews and payment proof available online. In addition, the platform has an active user base and chat room, making it a popular choice for earning money.

Signing up and using Cointiply is easy and intuitive, although most tasks offer relatively low payouts. Using the site, you can generally expect to earn only a few dollars per hour.

How To Earn In Cointiply

There are multiple ways to earn money on Cointiply, including:

  • Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet: Earn coins every hour by rolling a random number. The amount earned varies based on the number rolled, with a maximum payout of 100,000 coins for rolling 99,999. Cointiply also offers a cointiplier that multiplies winnings with a factor between 1.1 and 2, which changes monthly.
  • Cointiply Surveys: Take paid Cointiply surveys from third-party survey companies such as YourSurveys and Yuno Surveys. Consistent survey-taking can become a source of income.
  • Cointiply Videos: Watch videos and earn money on the side.
  • Cointiply Games: Play games on the website and earn coins.
  • Cointiply Ads: Click on ads and stay on the landing pages for a few minutes to earn coins.
  • Cointiply Offerwall: Complete specific offers, such as downloading apps and signing up for free trials, to earn coins. This is the third-highest paying section of Cointiply after the Bitcoin faucet and surveys.
  • Cointiply Multiplier: You can also try your luck with the Cointiply Multiplier to earn more coins. By wagering a minimum of 10 coins, you can either multiply your coins or lose them entirely. To play, you need to guess which color gems are hiding, the red ones that will increase your coins. However, if you uncover a grey gem, the game ends.
  • Cointiply The Rain Pool: Cointiply has a unique feature called the Rain Pool, which allows active members to earn free coins by helping others. The rain pool accumulates coins over time, and those who contribute to the community by engaging in chat and providing useful insights receive a percentage of the rain pool when it is distributed. According to Cointiply, the quality of your posts determines your share of the rain pool and earning more coins also increases your share. Therefore, spamming is not a viable strategy for earning coins through the Rain Pool, but providing valuable contributions can be beneficial.
  • Cointipoints & Item Pods: Whenever you earn coins, you can earn Cointipoints, which can be used to purchase power-ups that increase your coin earnings. Your Cointipoint balance can be found in your Cointivity profile. Every time you earn coins, you’ll earn 10% of their value in Cointipoints. You can use these Cointipoints to buy permanent or temporary power-ups that boost your earnings. Remember to be at least level 7 to unlock your first power-up.
  • Cointiply Refer Friends: You can refer your friends to the platform, and rewards you for doing so. When you refer someone, you’ll receive 25% of their faucet earnings and 10% of whatever else they earn on the site for as long as they continue to use it. Compared to other GPT sites, the 10% referral bonus is quite generous, although your referral won’t receive a bonus.
  • Cointiply Promo Codes: You can also easily earn coins on Cointiply by redeeming promo codes that you can find online. One of the best ways to find these codes is by following Cointiply on social media, as they often share promo codes there. Additionally, you might get lucky and find other users sharing promo codes in the chat.
  • Cointiply Loyalty Bonus: Cointiply offers loyalty bonuses, which give you a boost on faucet rolls for consecutive logins. This means that the more you log in, the higher your bonus will be, allowing you to earn more coins in less time. So, log in regularly to take advantage of this opportunity.

Cointiply coins are USD 0.0001 each, meaning 10,000 coins equal USD 1. When we tried out Cointiply, we earned 71 coins by doing some faucet rolls and watching ads for a bit. It’s important to note that since you can cash out through Bitcoin or Dogecoin, the value of these coins may vary and affect your earnings slightly.

Cointiply Sign Up Process

A step-by-step guide to getting started with Cointiply:

  1. Visit and enter your email address. Click on the “Start earning now” button to proceed.
  2. Create account by writing your first name and choosing a secure password. Once done, you will be redirected to your user dashboard.
  3. Explore the various earning options available on Cointiply, such as surveys and offers, to earn coins. We recommend trying out surveys and offers for a higher payout.

How Does Cointiply Withdrawal Work?

To withdraw your earnings from Cointiply, you can choose to receive your payment in either Bitcoin or Dogecoin. To do so, you must provide your Bitcoin or DOGE wallet code to Cointiply so they can send your coins to your wallet. Alternatively, if you prefer cash instead of crypto, you can redeem your coins for free PayPal money. Cointiply does not charge a fee for withdrawing coins, which is a great advantage. The cointiply minimum withdrawal limit is $5 in Bitcoin or $3 in Dogecoin. The processing time for payments is typically between 24 to 72 hours. Cointiply also offers an option to earn 5% annual interest if you bank 35,000 coins or more with them, but it’s advisable not to risk such a large amount in their system as unforeseen events can happen.

Is Cointiply App Legit?

Yes, Cointiply app is legit, and you can download it from Google Play Store. For iOS users, Cointiply not yet launch any dedicated app. You can start earning real Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies quickly with the app. You can access over 20 ways to earn, including collecting daily Coins from the faucet and redeeming promo codes for bonuses.

Cointiply Pros & Cons

Cointiply Pros:

  1. Global accessibility
  2. A wide range of earning options
  3. Low cashout requirements
  4. Chance to get lucky
  5. Option to cash out with cryptocurrency or PayPal money

Cointiply Cons:

  1. Very low hourly earnings
  2. Limited transparency in online reviews
  3. No free gift card options are available

Cointiply Customer Service 

We’ve found that Cointiply’s customer service has been helpful and responsive in addressing concerns about surveys that did not work. However, we’ve also noticed that their response time can be inconsistent, with some inquiries being answered within 12 hours while others taking more than 2 days to receive a response.


In conclusion, Cointiply is a legitimate platform allowing you to earn extra money in your free time without any special skills required. However, the hourly earnings are quite low, with most users making around $2-$3 per hour. Additionally, customer support could be improved. That being said, if you’re looking for a simple and easy way to earn cash, Cointiply is worth considering. Just remember to keep your expectations realistic and use it as an extra source of income rather than a primary one.