FaucetCrypto Review (2024): Earn Free Bitcoin | Legit or Scam?


FaucetCrypto Review (2024): Earn Free Bitcoin | Legit or Scam?

Faucet Crypto is an average rating PTC and Bitcoin faucet website. Our overall experience was decent, as the website interface was easy to navigate. They have a large community. The earning opportunities are safe except for their short links. But, the earning potential is low, so you can't expect a lot of cryptos. You will experience fast & simple withdrawal for some cryptos, but for others, you'll have to wait because not all crypto is in stock all the time. We have tried Tron and Doge coins, usually available for faster withdrawals. There are multiple Faucet Crypto reviews present on the internet, but we recommend you to read our 100% honest Faucet Crypto review and find out details about how it works and how you can earn free crypto from their website.

Mobile Platforms Supported


Direct withdrawal Earn 20% Commission on referral invite Rewards at every level


1.Faucet Crypto website is accessible globally.
2.Mobile-Friendly website to navigate easily on small-screen devices. 3.Unique reward algorithm, the longer you stay active, the good amount of crypto you can earn.


1.Poor rewards lead to low overall earnings.
2.Faucet Crypto doesn't allow cash payments.
3.Some earning opportunities like short links may take you to spam websites.

FaucetCrypto Payment Methods

Preview of the FaucetCrypto

What is Faucet Crypto?

Faucet Crypto is PTC (Paid-To-Click) and the crypto faucet website where you receives crypto rewards for viewing ads or completing assigned task. Faucet Crypto is a multi-coin faucet which means users can earn Bitcoin and Altcoins for free by using their service.

Faucet Crypto Pros:

  • Faucet Crypto website is accessible globally.
  • Mobile-Friendly website to navigate easily on small-screen devices.
  • Unique reward algorithm, the longer you stay active, the good amount of crypto you can earn.

Faucet Crypto Cons:

  • Poor rewards lead to low overall earnings.
  • Faucet Crypto doesn’t allow cash payments.
  • Some earning opportunities like short links may take you to spam websites.

Is Faucet Crypto Legit or a Scam?

As for the legitimacy of the Faucet Crypto website, the simple answer is Yes, Faucet Crypto is legit. Because Faucet Crypto gives you cryptos for viewing their ads and completing the task, you can then withdraw inside your wallet. To understand how Faucet Crypto works, you need to look at the crypto earning opportunities they offer to users.

How to Earn Crypto at Faucet Crypto?

  • Faucet: In this section, you can claim “Coins” every 40 minutes. The primary reward is 24 coins, but it increases as your level improves. The good thing is no CAPTCHA but a 10-second waiting timer to receive the reward.
  • Daily Bonus: Just log in to the Faucet Crypto website every day and earn the 35 coins daily. So even without any activity, you can earn daily rewards.
  • Shorlinks: Click on the “Complete Link” & wait for 10 seconds and then click on “Generate Link”. Then you’ll redirect to a new page where you need to click the “Show Timer or Click Here” button to start the waiting timer. Repeat the same process again to receive the reward. But most links are spammy or unsafe websites, so we recommend you avoid this earning option.
  • Achievements-Shortlinks: Complete many shortlinks to become eligible for experience points because these points will improve your level and bonus coins.
  • Achievements-Levels: The moment you improve your level, you get the opportunity to claim more coins. This happens in the Levels section, and make sure you hit the “Claim” button to receive the rewards because this is not an automatic process.
  • PTC Ads: Click on the “Visit Website” section, and it will open a new tab. Wait until the timer overs to get rewards. PTC means paid-to-click ads, and it’s the easiest opportunity to earn cryptos after the Faucet option. 
  • Achievements-PTCs: When you start earning coins from the PTC ads, you also receive the achievements. Two important things to know are 1) These PTC achievements reset every week automatically. 2) You get rewards in terms of coins or experience points. You receive rewards from PTC and achievements when you complete the 25 PTC ads per week.  
  • Offerwall: Click on the “Offerwall” section, and you’ll see the offers from Wannads, Offer Daddy, and Survey Wall. This gives more rewards, but you need to provide some personal information to them.

You won’t find a faucet crypto games section here like bitcoin casinos because faucets are very specific to tasks. So you have to complete the tasks to earn the cryptos.

FaucetCrypto Withdrawal Methods

We loved Faucet Crypto withdrawal methods because they deposit crypto immediately in wallets. But Faucet Crypto charges 50 coins as a considerably low withdrawal fee. And we have never faced the withdrawal problem since the beginning. You’ll find the daily withdrawal limit, but it increases as you level up. FacuetCrypto allows multiple crypto withdrawals such as Bitcoin, Bittorrent, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Dash, Digibyte, Ethereum Classic, Komodo, Piratecash, Pivx, Reddcoin, Ravencoin, Syscoin, Verge and Horizen. We suggest you request payment as often as possible for the safer side.

FaucetCrypto.com Referral Program

You can send your friend the FacuetCrypto.com’s referral link to earn a 20% commission. If you join FaucetCrypto com using our referral link, we’ll get a 20% commission. This process never reduces your actual earing on the platform. 

Can You Use Faucet Crypto on Mobile?

Currently, the dedicated Faucet Crypto app is not available for mobile devices, but you can open the FaucetCrypto.com website on the mobile browser to access it. The mobile version website is completely optimized, so you can easily navigate without any hard time.

Who Can Join Faucet Crypto?

Faucet Crypto is available globally so that anyone can access faucetcrypto register page from anywhere in the world. You have to be 18+ years old to join the FaucetCrypto.com website. To sign up as a member, use a Google/Facebook account or the traditional way of completing the registration form. Then complete FaucetCrypto login process & start making free cryptos. At first login, you’ll receive the website’s short tutorial; we suggest reading the tutorial carefully and understanding how it works. If you’re still looking for alternatives to FaucetCrypto.com, check out our Cointiply review and freebitcoin review. We have also compared the top 5 best crypto faucets to earn free bitcoins on our website so that you’ll choose the right one.

The Faucet Crypto Community

The Faucet Crypto has very active members, making it a strong community. Currently, more than 3000+ users are active on their chat feature. 

Support at FaucetCrypto.com

Faucet Crypto provides email for any queries related to the website, but we suggest you visit their website and look for the support page to read the instructions. You can also look for the admins in chat and connect with them. 


Overall, we would say FaucetCrypto is a decent PTC platform to earn some cryptos. Is faucet crypto safe? yes, if you ignore the short links section, the other earning opportunities are safe & easy to perform. But then again, the earning potential will be low compared to other faucets, even the other faucetcrypto.com reviews that are available on the internet explains the same. So, you can’t expect to earn a high crypto reward from the FaucetCrypto website.