Faucet Review (2024) - Claim $200 Every Hour

Freebitcoin Faucet Review (2024) - Claim $200 Every Hour

FreeBitcoin is an online Bitcoin faucet that enables visitors the ability to earn bitcoins without any initial deposits. Individuals who are looking to generate Satoshi and Bitcoin earnings can solve captchas to accrue these earnings. The FreeBitcoin domain was registered in 2013 in the name of InterGlobal Limited so, you can say InterGlobal Limited is the owner. Since their inception, FreeBitcoin has grown into a platform that supports more than 26 million users. User’s get free satoshis just by visiting the site. From value in balance, you make the percentage of interest shared daily on this value, being 4.08% per year. You can increase the gains by changing the RPs assigned to you in each ROLL. It allows the distribution of a% of the profit that the referents give us to win with their own. There are no fees on automatic payments. We recommend you to read our below-given freebitco in review to understand its features, payment methods, registration process & more. You will find multiple freebitco reviews on the internet but here we have summarised everything that you need to know about freebitcoin.

Mobile Platforms Supported


Provably fair Faucet, gambling, lottery, and rewards Regular payouts


1. Win up to $200 in Free Bitcoins
2. Provably fair
3. No third-party advertising
4. Various Rewards to claim


1. No Terms & Conditions
2. No Info on How You Get Your Winnings
3. Small fee to withdraw winnings Payment Methods

Preview of the Freebitcoin Casino

Is Legit?

The first question everyone asks: is freebitco in legit? is safe? real or fake? Or is legitimate? The short answer is Yes, Freebitco is legit & safe. And it is the reliable free bitcoin faucet in the crypto world. People search for it in various terms such as, freebit co in, freebitco, freebitco in, freebitcoin, and it still appeared as the first result on search engines like google. Freebitco in doesn’t require any deposit to sign-up and start earning the free bitcoins. 38 million users use it so all the operations are legitimate. Although Freebitco offers BTC for free, their rewards are comparatively less. Also, their lottery-based games have received tons of negative complaints as well. To summarise, you need to spend a lot more time on the Freebitco platform & refer to many people to earn a decent amount of crypto. But, if you want to earn free bitcoin without depositing or investing in the mining rigs, you can go to Freebitco and start depositing the BTC in your wallet. You can also search ‘ reddit’ terms to find out what people are thinking about it. We haven’t found a mobile app page on their website but by searching terms like ‘freebitco in app’ you’ll notice an android app that helps to access freebitco in.

What does Freebitco in offer?

On Freebitco in, you will find the contest allowing you to take Lamborghini home, earn daily rewards, betting, lottery, etc. You can also earn a good commission through your referral link when your friend signs up at Freebitco. The widely and most loved feature in the Freebitco in is the bitcoin faucet, where you solve the captchas and earn up to $200 in bitcoins per hour. The HI-LO dice game is one of the most popular among Freebitco’s register users; it uses math & cryptography, so you need to bet either HI or LO to multiply your BTC by up to 4750 times.

How To Earn Bitcoin In

Various features of are explained below:

1. Faucet:

Freebitcoin is a faucet. It rewards its users for visiting their page once every specified interval of time.
One can earn up to $200 in a single go. The minimum pay per claim is $0.002, which is quite high value compared to other BTC sites.
The Site allows its members to claim bitcoins once every hour.
To claim bitcoins, users have to solve a captcha and click on a roll.
On every claim, the user will be rewarded with two free lottery ticket and up to 4 reward points
Players can earn more bitcoins from the faucet by frequently claiming on the faucet and by referring friends.

2. Multiply BTC:

With Multiply BTC  members can multiply their bitcoin by playing probably fair HI-LO game.
The user must choose the bet amount and click on bet hi or bet lo.
Freebitco rewards one lottery, and one reward point for every 0.00003500 BTC used to bet.

3. Lottery: lottery can help you to win up to 3BTC. Freebitcoin conducts weekly lottery draw in which every member is eligible to participate.

4. Referral Program:

This is one of the essential features of Free Bitcoin. The referral program rewards 50% commission from referral faucet claim and 0.25% commission from the amount referral spend on multiply games.

5. Earn Interest:

You can also check out interest feature that allows you to earn a generous 4.08% annual interest on your balance when you deposit BTC into wallet, with interest being compounded daily. This is a great way to earn passive income while holding your cryptocurrency. Gaming Portfolio offers you a provably good and just dice game that only needs you to pick one of two choices: HI or LO. FreeBitco contains games are like, Free BTC, Multiply BTC and Lottery

  • Free BTC Game

In the Free BTC game, you will earn bitcoins by filling the captcha and clicking the roll button.  You can roll once every hour
FreeBitco claims that one can earn $200 per hour from this game.

  • Multiply BTC game 

To play Multiply BTC game, the user has to choose between manual bet and auto bet.
The user has to use his current Free BTC amount to play this Multiply BTC.
The format of the game is risky and one might end up losing all the free BTC earned.

How to register at Freebitco to earn free bitcoin?

To start earning free BTC from Freebitco, the first step is the registration process. You require an email id, password, and bitcoin address to receive the payment. After adding these details, just hit the sign-up button. After successful registration, activate the 2-factor authentication, the Freebitco suggests this step. Because this will act as the second password to protect your bitcoin earnings from stealing. Just head over to the profile section and find option 2 FACTO AUTH. To avoid the scam, we recommend using our link to sign up at Freebitco.
The login process is very easy, just click on the freebitco in login button available on their homepage. Then, enter the email, or if you forgot the registered email, you could use the bitcoin address, password, and 2-factor authentication code if you have configured it as per our above instructions. If not, Freebitco will send you an email whenever you log in with different devices. And to authorize the device, you must verify it by clicking on the email link from Freebitco.

FreeBitco Payment Information

It has three modes of payment modes i.e., Automatic, Manual and Instant

1) Automatic Payment- It takes place every Sunday directly into your ‘freebitco in wallet’. You need to maintain a minimum balance of at least 30,000 satoshis (0.0003 BTC) in your account to be eligible to get compounded interest on your full balance

2) Manual Payments– within 6hour with a min withdraw limit of 0.00032715 BTC (0.00002715 BTC fee commission)

3) Instant payment– min withdraw limit of 0.00165735 BTC (0.00135735 BTC fee commission) Deposits and Withdrawals doesn’t require an initial deposit to join its platform. Users who register through their site can generate 3,500 satoshis in earnings every hour for an unlimited duration of time.

Withdrawals-You must have a minimum balance at least 0.00030000 BTC or 30,000 satoshis in your balance to withdraw.

Visit our Guide to Payment Section before making a Deposit.

FreeBitco Premium Membership and FUN Tokens

Users can upgrade their account to a premium account by buying FUN Tokens. FunFair (FUN) is an ERC20 iGaming Token listed on Binance, OKEx, HitBTC, Bitfinex, and Uniswap (V2).
The minimum amount of FUN Token one needs to buy and hold to unlock premium benefits at is 2500.
Users can use their BTC balance to buy FUN Tokens.

Benefits of Upgrading to Premium:
1) 1% CASHBACK – users can earn up to 1% cashback on Multiply BTC and Betting wagers
2) 16 WHEEL OF FORTUNE FREE SPINS – Users can get up to 16 wheel of fortune free spins daily with Guaranteed winnings on each spin!
3) 5.10% APR ON BTC – As a user, you’re already entitled to 4.08% interest on your BTC balance. When you buy FUN and join the Premium Program, you can earn up to 25% Extra Interest Daily.

The longer a user holds FUN Tokens, the greater his benefits will be.

FreeBitco Faucet Pros & Cons


  • Win up to $200 in Free Bitcoins
  • Provably fair
  • No third-party advertising
  • Various Rewards to claim


  • No Terms & Conditions
  • No Info on How You Get Your Winnings
  • A small fee for withdrawing winnings


This is our review & we conclude that is a reputable platform used by millions of individuals looking to earn Bitcoins. Although the payouts may not be that high, it is an excellent platform for people with extra cycles of time in their hand who want to earn Bitcoins without any Initial Deposit.